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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
7-Jul-2014Chemical modification of radiation damage in relation to the decay of the radiation-induced oxygen-sensitive and - insensitive sites in barley seedsJaved Afzal, S MKesavan, P C
10-Dec-2013Differential modification of oxic and anoxic radiation damage by caffeine, S-2-(3-Aminopropylamino) Ethylphosphorothioic acid and misonidazole in Hordeum VulgareSharma, G JitendraKesavan, P C
6-Mar-2014Environmental and nutritional modifiers of low dose radiation effectsMahajan, SudhirKesavan, P C
25-Feb-2014The examination of clastogenic effects of various genotoxins using in vivo and in vitro mammalian systemsFarooqi, ZebaKesavan, P C
7-Jul-2014Genetic toxicological evaluation of commonly used Indian spices and betel quid in Drosophila melanogasterAbraham, Suresh KKesavan, P C
4-Jul-2014Oxygen effect in relation to chemical modification of the radiosensitivity of Barley SeedSharma, Mahesh CKesavan, P C
3-Jul-2014Post-irradiation modification of oxygen-independent and-dependent components of Gamma-Ray-induced damage in Barley seedsNadkarni, Sunita VKesavan, P C
4-Jul-2014Radiation genetics of Drosophila melanogaster : lack of evidence for maternal repairGoswami, VeenaKesavan, P C
7-Jul-2014Studies on certain metabolic aspects of Radiation damage in Drosophila melanogasterMohsin, AnwarKesavan, P C
4-Jul-2014Studies on characterization of test systems for elucidating the pathways of action of caffeineSrinivasan, AKesavan, P C
10-Mar-2014Studies on the chemical pathways of radiation clastogenesis in Barley seedsMadhavi, YennapuKesavan, P C
5-Mar-2014Studies on the life span at room temperature of radiationShukla, LataKesavan, P C
10-Mar-2014Studies on the modification of radiobiological damage by caffeine, vitamins C and E, and thiols using a mammalian test systemSarma, LakshmiKesavan, P C
24-Dec-2013Studies on the mutagenicity and modification of oxic and anoxic components of radiation damage in hordeum vulgare by caffeine, ascorbic acid and sodium azideJha, BhavanathKesavan, P C
26-Feb-2014Studies on the sparing effect of dose fractionation for Oxic and Anoxic components of radiation damage in Hordeum vulgare, L.Gopinathan Nair PKesavan, P C