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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
10-Dec-2013The Black Muslim movement in the United States: a study of the roles in Elijah Muhammad and his successor Wallace D. MuhammadMaira, RenuKaushik, R P
10-Mar-2014Continuity and change in U.S.-Soviet relations during the Regan and Bush administrationSinha, Raghubansh KumarKaushik, R P
24-Dec-2013Environmental protection movements in the United States and India: a select comparative case-studyMoitra, SharmilaKaushik, R P
9-Jan-2014Israeli Factor in US Policy Towards PLO - Nixon and Reagan AdministrationsNanda, Deba PrasadKaushik, R P
28-Jul-2014Minority syndrome and the ethnic mould : a historical evaluation of African Americans, 1900 1990sSinha, SasmitaKaushik, R P
27-Feb-2014The place of blacks in American society: a critical study of the debate till the emancipation proclamationJoshi, Manoj KKaushik, R P
8-Jan-2014Radical youth movements in the United States and India a comparativeHota, Abhinna KumarKaushik, R P
12-Feb-2015Reagan s policy towards the Arab League and its impact on West AsiaLakshmi, PullaKaushik, R P
10-Mar-2014U.S. Policy on technology export control towards India: 1980-1997Rajeswari, P RKaushik, R P
10-Mar-2014U.S. policy towards the West Pacific with special reference to the Republic of Korea (ROK), 1980-1994Lee, Chong KwanKaushik, R P
2-Jul-2014United states and Indian policies on Korea, 1950-53Kaushik, R PRajan, M S
26-Feb-2014United states and the non-aligned movement, with speical reference to the new world information order, 1969-1980Vijaya Lakshmi, K PKaushik, R P
21-Jul-2014US Pakistan security relations, 1977 to1988Mathew, ThaomasKaushik, R P