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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
28-Aug-2020Alternative dispute resolution mechanism_legislative and judicial trends in indiaRao, SumanKaushik, Anil
21-Dec-2020An analytical study of the shifting paradigm of the right of private defence under the criminal law with reference to the Indian penal code 1860Kamra, MeenuKaushik, Anil
28-Aug-2020Atrocities against women in indiaSinwar, SarojKaushik, Anil
28-Aug-2020Changing dimensions of patetnt law in indiaRathore, Narendra SinghKaushik, Anil
2-Dec-2013Clinico immunological profile of nephrotic syndrome in childhood in Bundelkhand regionKumar, ShalabhKaushik, Anil
29-Aug-2013Clinico-Immunological profile of Nephrotic Syndrome in Bundelkhand RegionKumar, ShalabhKaushik, Anil; Saxena, Ratna
28-Aug-2020Comparative analysis and development of trademark paradigms in global perspective _an analytical study_Thalor, SushilaKaushik, Anil
28-Feb-2018Corporate social responsibility new challenges and opportunitiesSharma, Ganga DuttKaushik, Anil
7-Sep-2020Corporate social responsibility_new challenges _ opportunitiesSharma, Ganga DuttKaushik, Anil
4-Sep-2020Fundamental rights _ a guarantee against state action _an analytical and comparative study with special reference to globalization_Goyal, NehaKaushik, Anil
21-Dec-2020Fundamental rights A guarantee against state action An analytical and comparative study with special reference to globalizationGoyal, NehaKaushik, Anil
23-Jan-2014Haematological and physical growth effects of toxaemia of pregnancy on newbornsGupta, NeelamKaushik, Anil
28-Aug-2020Horizons of right to property with reference to the ninth schedule of constitution of indiaGoyal, Mahendra KumarKaushik, Anil
28-Aug-2020Human Rights Jurisprudence And DisabilityVyas, Shiv DayalKaushik, Anil
29-Oct-2013Humoral immunity and neutrophil functions in protein energy malnutritionRai, AshaKaushik, Anil
3-Oct-2013Incidence of abnormal glucose tolerance test during pregnancy, post partum and its correlation with pregnancy outcomeRawat, UshaKapoor, Mridula; Sharma, Shanjaya; Kaushik, Anil
7-Sep-2020Intellectual property rights_legal regime and indian concernDutt, DushyantKaushik, Anil
28-Aug-2020Justice to victims of crime_legislative and judical trends in indiaShekhawat, Mahesh Pal SinghKaushik, Anil
28-Aug-2020Law relating to discharge of contractBishnoi, Sahab RamKaushik, Anil
7-Sep-2020Legislative and judicial trends towards preventive detention in indiaAcharya, Ashok kumarKaushik, Anil