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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
27-Apr-2021A Comparative and Longitudinal Study of the Role of Cultural Impact Upon Multiphasic Personalities During the Period of Mohammad Bin Tughluq and HitlerKaur, JagdeepShah, M A
18-Apr-2016A study on temperature adaptation and improved lipase activity by directed evolutionDatta, MonikaKaur, Jagdeep
28-Jun-2018Characterization of a cell wall anchored putative esterase rv0774c and it s possible role in the intracellular survival of mycobacterium spArbind KumarKaur, Jagdeep
19-Apr-2016Cloning and biochemical characterization of metagenome derived lipaseKumar, PushpenderKaur, Jagdeep
19-Apr-2016Cloning and characterization of early genes involved in saponin biosynthesis in chlorophytum borivilianumKalra, ShikhaKaur, Jagdeep
18-Apr-2016Cloning expression and biochemical characterisation of a lipase from a bacillus isolateKhurana, JyotiKaur, Jagdeep
19-Apr-2016Cloning of a thermostable pectinase from metagenomic DNA purification and biochemical characterizationSingh, RajvinderKaur, Jagdeep
15-Apr-2016Cloning purification and characterization of two putative lipases Rv1923 LipD and Rv2485c LipQ from mycobacterium tuberculosis H37Rv and detection of its probable virulenceSingh, GurdyalKaur, Jagdeep
19-Apr-2016Directed evolution of a metagenome derived lipase for enhancement in thermostabilityKumar, RakeshKaur, Jagdeep
2-Jun-2016Functional analysis of bacillus lipase by directed evolution and rational approachGoomber, ShellyKaur, Jagdeep
30-Sep-2020Functional characterization of rv1900c and rv2037c from mycobacterium tuberculosisKumari, BandanaKaur, Jagdeep
24-Nov-2020Method for solving linear programming problems with fuzzy parametersKaur, JagdeepKumar, Amit
30-Sep-2019Photocatalytic Studies of Undoped and Doped ZnS NanostructuresKaur, JagdeepPandey, O. P.
18-Apr-2016Production purification and characterization of a bacterial lipaseDosanjh, Nirpjit SinghKaur, Jagdeep
19-Apr-2016Production purification and characterization of mannanase from a thermotolerant bacterial isolateDhawan, SamritiKaur, Jagdeep
19-Apr-2016RDC1 a co receptor of HIV 1 expression and signaling mechanism in the human placenta and its possible implicationsTripathi, VishwasKaur, Jagdeep
21-Apr-2016Studies on the purification and characterisation of a novel alkaline thermostable lipaseNawani, NeerupamaKaur, Jagdeep
18-Apr-2016Study of aberrant promoter hypermethylation of multiple tumor suppressor genes in childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia ALL potential diagnostic significanceNikbakht, MohsenKaur, Jagdeep
18-Apr-2016Study of heavy ion fusion reactions VIA light charged particle evaporationKaur, JagdeepGovil, I M
19-Apr-2016Study on genetic polymorphism at caprine k casein lactoglobulin and growth hormone genesKumar, SandeepKaur, Jagdeep