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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
25-Jan-2017A comparative study on graft copolymerization of some vinyl monomers onto rayon by chemical and radiation induced methodsSharma, NeelamKaur, Inderjeet
25-Jan-2017A study towards introducing flame retarding properties to cotton and polyester fabricSharma, VibhaKaur, Inderjeet
25-Jan-2017Developing polypropylene graft copolymers_ a path towards biodegradabilityKhanna, Naisergik DeepikaKaur, Inderjeet
25-Jan-2017Development of flame retardant cotton and polyester fabricsSharma, RajneeshKaur, Inderjeet
25-Jan-2017Development of inter cross linked polyethylene copolymers evincing biodegradable behaviourNeenaKaur, Inderjeet
20-Jan-2015An empirical study of inter_relationship between economic develoment and human resource develoment _1990 To 2001Kaur, InderjeetSingh, Archna
10-Feb-2015an empirical study of inter_relationship between economic develoment and human resource develoment _1990_To 2001_Kaur, InderjeetSingh, Archna
25-Jan-2017Functionalization of poly _tetrafluoroethylene_co_ethylene_ film by radiation induced graft copolymerizationThakur, Raj KumarKaur, Inderjeet
25-Nov-2016Functionalization of polyethylene through radiation induced graft copolymerization for use in separation processesVandna KumariKaur, Inderjeet
25-Jan-2017Graft copolymerization of vinyl monomers onto gelatin by mutual irradiation methodAnitaKaur, Inderjeet
25-Jan-2017Graft copolymerization of vinyl monomers onto proteins by use of ceric ion and metal chelate as initiatorsKaur, InderjeetMisra, B N
27-Jan-2017Graft copolymerization onto polypropylene and nylon_6Barsola, RaghuvirKaur, Inderjeet
25-Nov-2016Graft modification of polysaccharide backbone of sago and semolina substrates using hydrophilic monomersSharma, MeenakshiKaur, Inderjeet
25-Jan-2017Iniferter induced polymerization and graft copolymerization of phosphorous and sulphur containing monomers to impart flame retardency to cotton fabricVerma, Sanjeev KumarKaur, Inderjeet
27-Jan-2017Modification of copolymers of chitosan_chitin and chitin_polyvinyl alcohol through grafting of hydrophilic monomersKumar, SandeepKaur, Inderjeet
25-Jan-2017Modification of isotactic polypropylene by gamma radiation induced graft copolymerizationKumar, SunilKaur, Inderjeet
27-Jan-2017Preparation and charactarization of pine cellulosic fiber_adhesive based polymer compositesSingh, BaljitKaur, Inderjeet
12-Jul-2016Punjabi sufi kavita darshhik adhian Baba Farid Shah Hussain ate Bulleh Shah de vishesh sandarbh vichKaur, InderjeetSethi, Uma
25-Jan-2017Radiation induced graft copolymerization of vinyl monomers onto polyethylene filmGupta, AnupamKaur, Inderjeet
25-Jan-2017Radiochemical grafting of AAc and Hema on gelatin_based copolymers of chitosan carrageenan and polyvinyl alcohol for specialty applicationsBhati, PoojaKaur, Inderjeet