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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
30-Jan-2017Bioinformatics based study of outer membrane proteins in the fish pathogen Edwardsiella sppM, NeemaKarunasagar, Indrani
30-Jan-2017Development of molecular diagnostic tool for the detection of fish-borne trematodesA, ParvathiKarunasagar, Indrani
30-Jan-2017Genetics of vibrio parahaemolyticusKarunasagar, IndraniNagesha, C N
30-Jan-2017Glucans as immunostimulants in aquaculturePais, Roshan Kumar SimonKarunasagar, Indrani
30-Jan-2017Molecular and immunological studies of outer membrane proteins of Aeromonas and Edwardsiella sppMaiti, BiswajitKarunasagar, Indrani
30-Jan-2017Molecular characterization of Campylobacter associated with food borne infection and Guillain Barre syndromePandit, LekhaKarunasagar, Indrani
30-Jan-2017Molecular genetic characterization of pathogenicity islands SPI-II and SPI-III of Salmonella strains associated with seafoodsBhowmick, Patit PabanKarunasagar, Indrani
30-Jan-2017Molecular markers in the study of genetic variation in shrimp penaeus monodonP V, MiniKarunasagar, Indrani
30-Jan-2017Prevalence and characterisation of Salmonella spp From seafoodKuriakose, SmithaKarunasagar, Indrani
30-Jan-2017Relation between urease activity and production of thermostable direct hemolysin related hemolysin TRH in Vibrio ParahaemolyticusA, BhanumathiKarunasagar, Indrani
26-Oct-2012Study of Outer Membrane Proteins OMPs of Salmonella spp and development of OMP and virulence based rapid diagnostics for food and clinical samplesDevananda DKarunasagar, Indrani
7-Mar-2014Study on type three secretion system in pathogenic Vibrio parahaemolyticus associated with seafoodKrishna Kumar BKarunasagar, Indrani