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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
31-Jan-2017An economic study of paddy cultivation in Tirunelveli district of Tamil NaduSelvakumar, TKarthikeyan, S
2-Feb-2017An economic study on bank credit to agricultural development with special reference to groundnut cultivation in Theni district Tamil NaduAlaguraja, RKarthikeyan, S
28-Feb-2018An end_to_end secure protocol using hybrid encryption technique_AES_rijndael and RSAKarthikeyan, SRamaraj, E
21-Mar-2018An investigation on the electroless nickel plating process and its compositesKarthikeyan, SVasudevan, T and Srinivasan, K N
4-Jul-2016Dynamic and equilibrium studies of adsorption of dyes using activated carbon prepared from Feronia Limonia wood apple shellKarthikeyan, SJambulingam, M
2-Feb-2017Economics of cotton cultivation a comparative study on mcu 5 and lra 5166 varieties in Theni districtJeyalakshmi, JKarthikeyan, S
4-May-2016Effect of personality development and health belief on health perception in determining health status of student youthKarthikeyan, SDr Swaminathan, V D
2-Feb-2017Growth of foreign direct investment in pre and post liberalization of IndiaSenthilkumar, SKarthikeyan, S
16-Nov-2017Kinetic equilibrium and thermodynamic studies on the removal of dyes using Nano porous activated carbon prepared from leucaena leucocephala seed shellA, BaburajendranKarthikeyan, S
17-Sep-2014Numerical and experimental investigations on a packed bed latent heat storage system for low temperature air heating applicationsKarthikeyan, SVelraj, R
30-Nov-2017Optimization of reaction conditions for the growth of entangled carbon Nanotubes from natural renewable carbon precursors by spray pyrolysisS, Angulakshmi VKarthikeyan, S
3-Dec-2014Structure function studies of enzymes involved in FAD biosynthesis pathway of Salmonella typhimuriumKumar, PankajKarthikeyan, S
7-Jul-2016Studies on controllability of stochastic integrodifferential systemsKarthikeyan, SBalachandran, K
23-Mar-2015Studies on the corrosion of mild steel in acid medium using antibiotics as inhibitorsKumar, S. HariKarthikeyan, S
19-Oct-2016Studies on the decomposition of the leaf litter of Manilkara hexandra _Roxb_ DUB and the associated microfungi in the coastal dry evergreen forest at point calimere South IndiaKarthikeyan, SSaravanamuthu, R
28-Sep-2017Studies on the flora of Yavatmal District_MaharashtraKarthikeyan, SSharma, B D
20-Nov-2012Synthesis, spectroscopic and structural characterization of manganese based metallacyclophanesKarthikeyan, SBala Manimaran
17-Oct-2014Vibration of pyrocomposite plate And cylinderKarthikeyan, SNelson, V K