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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
1-Sep-2014Application and comparison of Multi objective evolutionary algorithms to reactive power planning and dispatch problemsRamesh SKannan S
3-Sep-2019Bioecological studies of larval and pupal parasitoids of the bagworms clania Eumeta cramerii westwood and pteroma plagiophleps Hampson Lepidoptera PsychidaeKannan SAnanthakrishnan TN
28-May-2013Catalytic and Ion-exchange Applications of Hydrotalcite-like MaterialsJinesh C MKannan S
21-Feb-2017Characterisation of Molecular Alterations in Cyclin D1 Gene in Oral CarcinomasSathyan K MKannan S
21-Aug-2017Characterisation of Molecular Alterations in P53 Gene in Oral CarcinomaGeo FrancisKannan S
26-Sep-2017Characterization of Molecular Alterations in Ink 4a Mts 1 P16 Gene in Oral CarcinomasAbhilash AKannan S
27-Jan-2017Characterization of molecular alterations in INK4A MTS 1 p16 gene in oral carcinomasAbhilash AKannan S
17-Aug-2017Characterization Of Molecular Alterations In The Retinoblastoma Rb Gene In Oral CarcinomaAbitha MuraliKannan S
16-Oct-2015Cultural constructs in popular cartoon programs on television and their viewers perception with reference to childrenKannan SAnuradha M
29-Apr-2019Fabrication of ph responsive Pegylated Palladium Nanoparticles for Targeted Delivery of Anticancer Drug Against Human Cervical CarcinomaShanthi KKannan S
26-Sep-2019Folic acid and berberine loaded silver nanomaterial regulates hypoxia condition and immune response in breast cancer through akt erk pathwayBhanumathi RKannan S
21-Mar-2017Immunopathological studies on oral leukoplakiaKannan SPrabha Balaram
26-Apr-2013Layered Double Hydroxides: variations of synthesis methodologies and their influence on catalytic behavior a structure-property relationship studyChurchil Angel Antony Raj JKannan S
26-Sep-2017Molecular studies on involvement of p14ARF gene in oral carcinomaSailasree RKannan S
30-Jan-2018Newspaper industry a study with special reference to madurai tuticorin and tirunelveli districtsTony Melwyn A MKannan S
24-Jan-2019Nyaysarasya nyayamukthavali nama vyakyaya Samikshathmakam adhyayanamKannan SPotty, Vishnu V S
12-Jun-2017Optimization of microbial decolorization of textile industry dyesKannan SMazher sultana
17-Apr-2017Studies on Cell Cycle Regulatory Proteins in Oral carcinomaJayasurya RKannan S
21-Apr-2015A Study of Management Principles in the VedasKannan SJha Narayan Jee
18-Apr-2018Synthesis of metal oxide metal oxide based hetrostructure bifunctional nano composite for noble metal free catalystsKannan SMohana raj K