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4-Mar-2016Cellular and humoral immune response to filarial antigens in endemic normal and bancroftian filarial patientsRegunathan, JeyaraniKaliraj, P
4-Mar-2016Cellular immune responses and the protective efficacy after immunization with brugia malayi abundant larval transcript 2 ALT 2 recombinant protein phage displayed antigen or as a DNA vaccine in mice and gerbils modelsMishra, Pankaj KumarKaliraj, P
4-Mar-2016Cloning and expression of chimeric potyvirus Capsid protein carrying human interferon y in escherichia coliRaj, MLourdu StephenKaliraj, P
4-Mar-2016Cloning and expression of W Bancrofti antigen for the early diagnosis of filarial infectionKumari, SumanKaliraj, P
10-Mar-2016Cloning expression purification and characterization of pneumococcal toxin pneumolysinSanthosh, MKaliraj, P
4-Mar-2016Development and evaluation of rapid immunodiagnositic test kits using the recombinant filarial antigen WbSXP 1 for the diagnosis of human lymphatic filariasisBaskar, L VijayaKaliraj, P
10-Mar-2016Development and immunological characterization of recombinant filarial antigen for the diagnosis and edipemiological studies in human lymphatic filariasisLalitha, PKaliraj, P
15-Oct-2014Evaluation of immunoprophylactic efficacy of brugia malayi transglutaminase as single and multiple antigen vaccine with other target proteins for human lymphatic filariasisUma, VanamKaliraj, P
4-Mar-2016Expression and immunological characterization of recombinant filarial antigens heat shock protein 70 HSP70 and cuticular endochitinase from microfilaria of wuchereria bancroftiRavi, VKaliraj, P
10-Mar-2016Identification cloning and characterisation of candidate genes from the filarial parasites diagnosis and prophylactic studies SXP and transglutaminaseEswaran, DKaliraj, P
4-Mar-2016Identification cloning expression and characterization of brugia malayi thioredoxin homologueKannan, KKaliraj, P
4-Mar-2016Immunoprophylactic potential of an L3 larval stage specific gene abundant larval transcript 2 ALT 2 from brugia malayi as a protein and DNA vaccineSabarinathan, RKaliraj, P
4-Mar-2016Molecular and immunological characterization of translationally controlled tumor protein TCTP from the filarial parasites wuchereria bancrofti and brugia malayi and phage displayed antigens from L3 stage of brugia malayiGnanasekar, MKaliraj, P
10-Mar-2016Molecular characterization and complete sequencing four novel indian isolates of lepidopteran specific cry i genes of bacillus thuringiensisNagarathinam, PKaliraj, P
8-Oct-2014Optimization of high cell density cultivation for the production of recombinant filarial protein wbsxp1 and diagnostic application in human lymphatic filariasisJanardhan, SrinivasanKaliraj, P
23-Mar-2016Process optimization strategies for biopesticide production from bacillusMeenakshisundaram, SKaliraj, P
16-Nov-2017Study of immunoprophylactic efficacy of Multi antigen peptide map vaccine for human lymphatic filariasisI, ChristianaKaliraj, P
10-Mar-2016Study on characterisation and fermentation of a bacteriocin isolated from lactococcus garvieaeAnand, Latha VKaliraj, P
28-Feb-2017Wing morphology and foraging behaviour of a carnivorous bat megaderma lyraKaliraj, PMarimuthu, G