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19-Oct-2016Amelioration of aflatoxicosis by Tridax procumbens LSampathKumar, PKalavathy, S
17-Oct-2016Antiaflatoxic efficacy of the Marine alga gracilaria corticata J AgardhManoharan, NKalavathy, S
24-Sep-2012Antiaflatoxic potential of clove Eugenia caryophyllata L.Sheik, Abdulla SKalavathy, S
18-Oct-2016Biodecolourization and biodegradation of indigo carmine by the bacterium paenibacillus larvaeRamya, MKalavathy, S
19-Oct-2016Bird communities in different forest types of Southern Aravalli Hills North Gujarat IndiaHimani, KalaKalavathy, S
19-Oct-2016Defiance of tridax procumbens L on the sucrose induced metabolic syndrome XGnanasekaran, NKalavathy, S
13-Oct-2016Ecological status of ficus species in nilgiri biosphere reserve Tamil NaduKandavel, KKalavathy, S
7-Nov-2012Floristic status and its conservation in the forests of the north Gujarat region (NGR) Gujarat, IndiaRajendra Kumar, SKalavathy, S
19-Oct-2016Induced salt stress in green gram _Vigna radiata _L_ Wilczek_ and its alleviation by growth regulatorsSaraswathy, NKalavathy, S
14-Sep-2017Physico chemical and altrasonic studies on molecular interactions in ternary mixtures of liquids and biomoleculesKalavathy, SPalani, R
24-Sep-2012Role of high sensitivity C - reactive protein (hsCRP) as a risk marker in cardio and cerebrovascular diseases and the effect of atorvastatin therapy on hsCRPAnand, A VijayaKalavathy, S
19-Oct-2016Role of high sensitivity C_Reactive Protein _hsCRP_ as a risk marker in cardio and cerebrovascular diseases and the effect of atorvastatin therapy on hsCRPVijaya Anand, AKalavathy, S
7-Nov-2012Seasonal and locational influences on the phytochemistry, anatomy and anticancer potential of calotropis gigantea (L.) R.BrSuresh Kumar, PKalavathy, S
17-Oct-2016The toxicity reduction of Calotropis gigantea _L_ R Br during biomethanationSengottaian, NKalavathy, S