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27-Aug-2013Application of amniotic membrane and foetal membranes (Amnion & Chorion) in burn: a comparative studyAgarwal, AjayKala, R P
23-Oct-2013Application of amniotic membrane and foetal membranes (amnion & chorion) in: a comparative studyAgarwal, AjayKala, R P; Mitra, R; Mittal, V P
2-Dec-2013Clinco pathological study of acute renal colic and evaluation of diclofenac sodium as an analgesicChaturvedi, MukeshKala, R P
26-Aug-2013Clinico-pathological study of urolithiasis with analysis of urinary stones in Bundelkhand regionGupta, Ashok KumarKala, R P; Pratap, Dinesh
30-Aug-2013Collagen sheet and amniotic meniotic membrane application over superficial burn: a comparative studySaxena, Kuldeep KumarKala, R P; Mitra, R; Mittal, V P
25-Sep-2013Evaluation of FNAC prostate for diagnosis of prostatic carcinomaSingh, SaurabhKala, R P; Saxena, Ratna
31-Oct-2013Ligation of the indirect inaguinal hernial SAC: is it axiomatic? continued studyGupta, ManojKala, R P
6-Dec-2013Ligation of the indirect inguinal hernial SAC: is it axiomatic?: continued studyDhiraj PrakashKala, R P
21-Oct-2013Oxygen Saturation and Analgesic effects in different pre emptive analgesic regimensSaxena, Kuldeep KumarAgrawal, S L; Kala, R P; Mittal, V P; Mitra, R
25-Sep-2013Radiological evaluation of acute appendicitisSahai, Sarad BSaxena, H N; Kala, R P; Mital, V P
8-May-2014Role of continuous antibiotic peritoneal leavage in post-operative cases of infective peritonitisGupta, PankajAgrawal, S L; Kala, R P
3-Oct-2013Role of escharoclysis in management of deep burnSurya, PrakashSinha, Rajiv; Kala, R P; Agarwal, R K
8-May-2014role of low dose heparin in diffuse bacterial peritonotis for better post operative recoveryAgrawal, Shailendra KumarKala, R P
8-May-2014Role of topical application of neem with Henna in Management of burnDhingra, ManishKala, R P; Agarwal, R K
25-Sep-2013Study on Lung Disease in Bundelkhand Region of U.P.: a postmortem studySingh, Chandra BhalSharma, V K; Ratna; Kala, R P; Mishra, S K; Gandhi, R K