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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
21-Oct-2015New synthetic strategies for heterocycles of biological interestRao, Mandava Venkata BasaveswaraJunjappa, H
21-Oct-2015Newer synthetic methods for novel heterocycles via oxoketene_ S,S_, S,N_ and N,N_acetalsChakrasali, R TJunjappa, H
21-Oct-2015Newer synthetic methods for novel heterocycles via oxoketene_S, S_, S, N_ and N, N_acetalsChakrasali, R TJunjappa, H
21-Oct-2015Part A : Studies on polarized keten dithioacetals, Part B : synthesis of 1_aryl_2_cyanoaziridines and their reaction with indoleApparao, SatyamJunjappa, H
17-Dec-2015Part A: studies on polarized keten_S,S_ and S,N_acetals part B: studies on reactions of trimethylammoniumcy anomethylid: a novel ammonium ylidBhattacharjee, Shakti SJunjappa, H
21-Oct-2015Part A: Synthetic studies on polarized ketoketen_S S_acetals; Part B: synthetic studies on lead IV acetate oxidationsMyrboh, BekingtonJunjappa, H
21-Oct-2015Part A_studies on polarized keten dithioacetals and Part B_synthesis of 1_aryu2_cyanoaziridnes and their reaction with indoleApparao, SatyamJunjappa, H
21-Oct-2015Synthetic and mechanistic investigations on oxoketene N,N_ and S,S_ acetalsThomas, AbrahamJunjappa, H
17-Dec-2015Synthetic and mechanistic studies on polarized ketene dithioacetalsAsokan, C VJunjappa, H
21-Oct-2015Synthetic investigations on polarized ketene dithioacetals: novel methods for the synthesis of carbocycles and heterocyclesBalu, M PJunjappa, H
14-Dec-2015Synthetic studies on a_oxoketene dithioacetalsSingh, Okram MukherjeeJunjappa, H
21-Oct-2015Synthetic studies on beta_oxoditidoacetalsRao, Cheruku SrinivasaJunjappa, H
17-Dec-2015Synthetic studies on heterocyclesSuresh, J RJunjappa, H
21-Oct-2015Synthetic studies on heterocycles using oxoketene_S, S_, S, N_and, O,S_acetalsPurkayastha, Makhan LalJunjappa, H
21-Oct-2015Synthetic studies on heterocyclic compounds biological interestSharma, Sanjeev KumarJunjappa, H
21-Oct-2015Synthetic studies on oxoketene S,S and S,N_acetals : development of new methods for novel heterocyclesPooranchand, Dinah EJunjappa, H
21-Oct-2015Synthetic studies on polarized ketene S,S_ S,N_ and N,N_ acetalsGupta, Akhilesh KumarJunjappa, H