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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
8-Jan-2020Assessment and characterization of selected endophytic actinomycetes isolated from Azadirachta indica A jussJitendra KumarKharwar, R.N.
31-Aug-2021Basic Shiksha Parishad ke Prathmik Vidhalaya mein Adhyayanparat BTC Evam Vishisth BTC Prakshit Adhyapako ki Shashik Gunvatta Evam Mulyon ka Tulnatmak Adhyayan Etah Janpad ke Vishesh SamdarbhJitendra KumarSharma, Hari Om
3-Sep-2021Basic Shiksha Parishad Ke Prathmik Vidhalayon Mein Adhyanparat BTC Evam Vishist BTC Prakshit Adhyapakon Ki Shaikshik Gunvatta Evam Mulyon ka Tulnatmak Adhyayan Etah Janpad ke Vishesh Sandarbh MeinJitendra KumarSharma, Hari Om
11-May-2016Colossal Dielectric Constant and MagnetoElectricity of Electrically Disordered OxidesJitendra KumarAwasthi A M
12-Sep-2014A comparative study of home loan financing by selected banks: a case study of Meerut districtJitendra KumarDayal, S
16-Jun-2020development and studies on fiber grating sensorsJitendra KumarOm Prakash
2-Sep-2014The effect of exsiontraver and elaboration of encoding on retrieval of informationJitendra KumarGupta, B S
23-Jul-2014Effect of seed treatment with GA3 and leveals of nitrogen on growth and yield of okra Abelmoschus Esculentus L MoenenchJitendra KumarSingh, Premveer
4-Jul-2013Effect of yogic practices on emotional states, concentration and academic achievement of senior secondary school studentsJitendra KumarSood, Ramana
22-Sep-2021Hindi dalit natak aur rangmanchJitendra KumarV Krishna
14-Aug-2017Impact of national rural employoment guarantee scheme nregs on and socio economic asseemployement generation t creationJitendra KumarSingh, Atvir
13-Oct-2016Impact of National rural employoment guarantee scheme NREGS on employement generation and socio economic asset creationJitendra KumarSingh, Atvir
13-Jul-2015Million cities in india a geographic analysis of population characteristicsJitendra KumarSingh, Nina
6-Jul-2018Mining of human gut microbiome for glutenase coding genesJitendra KumarNar Singh Chauhan
19-Apr-2021Model Potential Study of the Electronic Properties of d Band and f Band Metals Phonon DispersionJitendra KumarVerma, M P
25-Jan-2019Molecular characterization of vaccinia virus complement control protein an immune evasion protein of vaccinia virusJitendra KumarSahu,Arvind
9-Feb-2015Poorvotaar rajyon mein nrajatiya sanggharsh aur bhartiya suraksha_ aasaam ke visesh sandarbh meinJitendra KumarSanjay Kumar
20-Dec-2013The role and contribution of raja mahendra pratap in indian freedom movementsBaghel RamnareshJitendra Kumar
1-Apr-2021Screening of Rice Genotypes Oryza sativa L for Submergence ToleranceJitendra KumarRaj Bahadur
6-Feb-2014Studies on integrated management of fruit rot diseases of solanaceous vegetables an eco friendly approchJitendra KumarMishra, D P