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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
24-May-2016A K Fazlul Haq and muslim league in Bengal 1906 to 1947Khan, MD Enamul HUQJauhri, R C
25-Apr-2016Aligarh historiography a study of Mohammad Habib 1922 to 1971Subodh, SanjayJauhri, R C
11-Apr-2016American historiography and India 1947 to 1985Sekhon, HarinderJauhri, R C
24-May-2016British administration of the Punjab from 1859 to 1897Datta, Darshan LalJauhri, R C
24-May-2016Changing status of Muslim women in medieval India upto 1761Pandey, SudhaJauhri, R C
19-Apr-2016Growth of the English trade under the great Mughals 1556 to 1707Sangar, Pramod KumarJauhri, R C
13-Apr-2016History of growth and nationalisation of petroleum and oil industry in India 1947 to 1980Plaha, KiranJauhri, R C
31-May-2016India discovers America a study of Indian opinion on American policy and attitude to the nationalist movement in the sub continent 1939 to 1947Verma, DeviJauhri, R C
12-Apr-2016Industrial growth in the Punjab since independence a historical inquiry 1947 to the presentChowdhary, Gurpreet KJauhri, R C
20-May-2016Jainism in medieval India a study of its contact with muslim rulers 1206 to 1707Sharma, Pushap LataJauhri, R C
25-Apr-2016Sir Jadunath Sarkar a study in historiographySabherwal, KiranJauhri, R C
11-Apr-2016Some aspects of American policy towards India 1945 to 53Verma, Premendra YusufJauhri, R C
7-Apr-2016Swami Vivekananda a study of his sojourns and impact on the west 1893 to 96Kapoor, Satish KumarJauhri, R C
19-Apr-2016Swami Vivekananda in the west a study of his sojourns and impact on the west 1893 to 96Kapoor, Satish KumarJauhri, R C
24-May-2016The Mughal Subah of Lahore 1581 to 1751 a study in administrative structure and practicesSingh, SurinderJauhri, R C