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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
17-Aug-2017Creativity achievement motivation and academic attainments of secondary school students with learning disabilitiesSosamma VarughesesJacob, P J
5-Mar-2018Cytotoxic potential of selected South Indian Medicinal Plants Developing a Strategy based on Experiential learning for enhancing leadership quality business interest and achievement in commerce of students at higher secondary levelLatheesh, KJacob, P J
2-Sep-2014Developing a computer assisted instructional package for learning organic chemistry at higher secondary levelBaby, JishaJacob, P J
21-Jul-2016Developing web based meaningful engaged learning strategy for learning astrology at secondary school levelRadhakrishanan, RakhyJacob, P J
6-Apr-2016Effectiveness of 5E learning cycle model on scientific creativity scientific interest and achievement in physics of students at secondary levelJisha JoyJacob, P J
16-Feb-2015Effectiveness of animated and static visuals based instructional strategies on achievement in basic science of students at upper primary levelShukkoor, P K AbdulJacob, P J
26-Sep-2014Effectiveness of certain behaviour modification models on achievement in commerce among students at higher secondary levelSajikumar, K BJacob, P J
5-Mar-2018Effectiveness of developed multisensory strategy on academic achievement of children with learning disability at primary levelThomas, RonuJacob, P J
2-Sep-2014Effectiveness of drawing skill oriented instructional approach on achievement in basic science of students at primary levelManoj, A VJacob, P J
13-Aug-2014Effectiveness of Kolb s experiential learning model on achievement in Mathematics of students at secondary levelCheriyan, Varghese KJacob, P J
23-Jun-2014Effectiveness of McCormack and Yager taxonomy in teaching physics at secondary levelRajasree, SJacob, P J
26-Apr-2018Influence of certain psycho social factors on prosocial behaviour and classroom adjustment of students at degree levelMerlene A, Annie MarieJacob, P J
26-Jul-2017Influence of moral intelligence on certain cognitive and affective variables of student teachers at primary levelBhagyalakshmy, RJacob, P J
23-Jun-2014Mathematical creativity and ability for fundamental mathematical operations of primary school students with dyscalculiaBetty, P JJacob, P J
28-Feb-2013Preparation of a learning packages for developing health awarenes among students teachers at secondary levelGeorge, M RachelJacob, P J
17-Aug-2017Socio personal adjustment and achievement of culturally disadvantaged secondary school pupilsSheela K ShanyJacob, P J
26-Sep-2014Sree Narayana Guru s perspective on education and its relevance in the emerging societySurajbabu, P VJacob, P J
6-Aug-2010A study of the influence of certain psycho social correlates on pupils in the acquisition of biological concepts at secondary levelGeorge, Josemon PJacob, P J
2-Aug-2010A study of the psycho social problems of orphans in KeralaBenson, NJacob, P J
13-Aug-2014A study on the educational and vocational problems and needs of students in the vocational higher secondary schools of KeralaKuncheria, ReeneJacob, P J