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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
28-Feb-2013Growth and characterization of certain pure and doped phosphate crystalsSamuel, Valsamma MIttyachen, M A; Unnikrishnan, N V
8-Jan-2013Growth and characterization of Lanthanum Samarium Oxalateand Laanthanum Neodymium Oxalate crystalsJohn, VarugheseIttyachen, M A
23-Jul-2010Growth and characterization of mixed rare earth oxalate crystalsJoseph, CyriacIttyachen, M A
8-Feb-2013Growth and characterization of rare earth mixed oxalate crystals of Cerium, Lanthanum and NeodymumJohn, Mercy VIttyachen, M A
7-Aug-2014Growth of single crystals of mixed rare earth oxalates of Gd Sm Ce and Nd and their characterizationKorah, IgnatiusIttyachen, M A
4-Aug-2010Growth, characterization and property studies of some layered transition metal dichalcogenide crystals grown by chemical vapour transport techniqueSunil, KIttyachen, M A
28-Jan-2013Growth, characterization and study of physical properties of double rare earth oxalate crystalsElizabeth, AnitIttyachen, M A
28-Jan-2013In vitro studies on the growth and properties of urinary crystalsPaul, IssacIttyachen, M A; Varghese, George
8-Jan-2013Investigations on the structural and electrical properties of selected ferro electric ceramicsYohannan, JaimonIttyachen, M A
27-Jul-2010On the growth of rare earth mixed crystals of barium molybdates and copper oxalatesIsac, JayakumariIttyachen, M A
18-Jan-2013A Preparation of B2O3-Li2O-MO (M=Pb, Zn) glass thin films and study of thin propertiesKartha, Sindhu AAbdulkhadar, M; Ittyachen, M A
8-Jan-2013Preparation of certain conducting Polypyrroles and study of their Physical propertiesAnchanattu, Joji JAbdulkhadar, M; Ittyachen, M A
21-Jul-2010Studies on the growth of lanthanum mixed oxalate crystal in gel and liesegang ring phenomenonVarghese, GeorgeIttyachen, M A
3-Aug-2010Studies on the growth of mixed rare earth hydrogen selenite crystals and its propertiesPradyumnan, P PIttyachen, M A
5-Mar-2013Synthesis and characterization of barium rare earth hafnates, a new group of perovskite materials for their application as substrates for high Tc superconductorsJohn, Asha MaryIttyachen, M A; Koshy, Jacob