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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
18-Oct-2015Applicability of fuoss_shedlovsky and faoss_onsagar equations to associated and unassociated electrolytesAhmad, RizwanIslam, Nurul
20-Oct-2015Optical spectra and transport behaviour of molten salt systemsAli, AnwarIslam, Nurul
9-Mar-2018Photo physical characterizations of organized molecular assemblies in ultra thin films fabricated by langmuir blodgett lb and layer by layer lbl self assembled sam techniquesIslam, NurulHussain, SyedArshad
18-Oct-2015Physico_chemical studies of biochemical systemsSrivastava, Pankaj AIslam, Nurul
21-Oct-2015Physico_chemical studies of glass forming meltsKhan, Abdul MaroofIslam, Nurul
19-Oct-2015Physico_chemical studies of intermolecular interactionsNaqvi, SaeedaIslam, Nurul
18-Oct-2015Physico_chemical studies of molten salt systemsSingh, Kunwar PalIslam, Nurul
14-Dec-2015Physico_chemical studies of molten salt systemsIsmail, KIslam, Nurul
15-Dec-2015Physico_chemical studies of molten salt systemsJamil, BilquisIslam, Nurul
18-Oct-2015Physico_chemical studies of multicomponemt systemsAnonymous, RiyazuddeenIslam, Nurul
18-Oct-2015Physico_chemical studies of organic liquidsIbrahim, MohdIslam, Nurul
20-Oct-2015Physico_chemical studies of supercooled liquidsIslam, Md RafiqulIslam, Nurul
20-Oct-2015Physico_chemical studies of the associated liquids and their comparison with molten_salt systemsAhmad, MuniruddinIslam, Nurul
27-Jul-2017Stability and control analysis of some problems of chaotic dynamical systemsMandal, AmitIslam, Nurul
18-Oct-2015Studies on intermolecular interactions in biochemical systemsMalik, Mushtaq AhmadIslam, Nurul
15-Dec-2015Transport behaviour of electrolytic solutions in non aqueous solventsBilal Ahmad Zaidi, SIslam, Nurul
19-Oct-2015Transport of ions through biomembranesBulla, Nisar AIslam, Nurul