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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
20-Aug-2018A bio ecological study of the piscine haematozoa of West BengalRoy, SandipHaldar, D P
17-Aug-2018A bio ecological study of the septate gregarines Apicomplexa Conoidasida in insect pests of West BengalPatra, SovaHaldar, D P
13-Aug-2018A bio ecological study of the urceolarid ciliates Mobilina Urceolaridae in the hill stream and riverine fishes of North BengalChanda, Bimal KumarHaldar, D P
20-Aug-2018A biological study of the Sporozoean parasites Apicomplexa Sporozoea in odonates of West BengalBiswas, SuhritoshHaldar, D P
9-Aug-2018A study of the pre collection stimulation sexual behaviour and serving ability of healthy and parasitized breeding bullsChakraborty, JaharlalHaldar, D P
9-Aug-2018A systematic study of the biodiversity of the septate gregarines Apicomplexa Conoidasida in insects of Murshidabad in West BengalRay, SusantaHaldar, D P
13-Aug-2018A systematic study on the biodiversity of septate gregarines Apicomplexa Conoidasida in insect pests of West BengalChatterjee, MonaliHaldar, D P
20-Aug-2018Biodiversity of septate gregarines Apicomplexa Conoidasida in arthropods in and around Kolkata with special emphasis on the wetlandsPoddar, ParamitaHaldar, D P
20-Aug-2018Ecology and biodiversity of sporozoean parasites Protozoa Apicomplexa in the insect pests of West BengalModak, Biplob KumarHaldar, D P
20-Aug-2018Microsporidian parasites of mulberry pests and their cross infection to silkworm Bombyx mori LMohanan, MadanaHaldar, D P
10-Aug-2018Observations on the morphology life history and systematics of cephaline gregarines Protozoa Sporozoa from insectsKundu, Tarun KumarHaldar, D P
20-Aug-2018Observations on the parasitic protozoa in the edible fishes of West BengalBajpai, Richard RabindranathHaldar, D P
13-Aug-2018Observations on the protozoan parasites in the brackish and fresh water edible fishes of OrissaSamal, Kshitindra KumarHaldar, D P
17-Aug-2018Studies in cephaline gregarines Protozoa Sporozoa from insectsSarkar, Nirmal KumarHaldar, D P
13-Aug-2018Studies in ciliated protozoan parasites in fishes of West Bengal with special reference to trichodinid ciliophoransMitra, Amlan KumarHaldar, D P
20-Aug-2018Studies in gregarines Apicomplexa Sporozoea from oligochaetes of West BengalChowdhury, Uday Sankar RoyHaldar, D P
10-Aug-2018Studies in life history and bionomics of gregarines Apicomplexa Sporozoea of insect pests of spices and nutsGhose, SrikantaHaldar, D P
27-Aug-2018Studies in some aspects of myxozoa Myxosporea Bivalvulida in edible fishes of West BengalSaugata, BasuHaldar, D P
13-Aug-2018Studies in some aspects of the biology of the cephaline gregarines Protozoa SporozoaDatta, Swades ChandraHaldar, D P
10-Aug-2018Studies in systematics cytochemistry and bionomics of cephaline gregarines Apicomplexa Sporozoea from insectsAdhikari, Ranatosh KumarHaldar, D P