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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
3-Mar-2016Biochemical and cytogenetic approach towards non_occupational risk assessment of particulate air pollutantsSyed Musthapa, MHadi, S M
3-Mar-2016Chromosome 1 of caenorhabditis elegans: genomic sequence analysis and alternative splicingKashyap, LuvHadi, S M
3-Mar-2016Cloning the structural gnes of restriction endonucleases _cloning of EcoRI and EcoRII genes_Ahmed, MaqboolHadi, S M
19-Oct-2015DNA degradation by uric acid and Cu_II_Farrukh Anis Shamsi, MHadi, S M
15-Dec-2015Interaction of antioxidants with DNA, studies on the interaction of curcuminoids with DNAAhsan, HaseebHadi, S M
18-Oct-2015Interaction of chemical mutagens with DNA : use of hydroxyapatite chromatography and S1 nucleaseAlvi, Nasir KamalHadi, S M
19-Oct-2015Mechanism of action of naturally occurring antioxidants _mechanism of action of uric acid and capsaicin_Singh, SaurabhHadi, S M
19-Oct-2015Mechanism of mutagenic action of dietary furansKhan, Qasim AliHadi, S M
19-Oct-2015Mechanism of oxidative DNA damage by biological antioxidantsKhan, Nelofer SamiHadi, S M
19-Oct-2015Mechanism of physiological action of plant derived polyphenols _The plant polyphenol delphinidin mobilizes endogenous copper leading to oxidative dna breakage: implications for anticancer properties_Hanif, SarmadHadi, S M
20-Oct-2015Mechanism of the interaction of some dietary mutagens with DNAFazab, FabehaHadi, S M
3-Mar-2016Mechanism of the mutagenic action of dietary flavonoidsJain, AparnaHadi, S M
19-Oct-2015Mode of action of DNA reactive mutagens: _mode of action of dietary flavonoids_Ahmed, Mohammed SaidHadi, S M
15-Dec-2015Purification and properties of glycoprotein nuclease specific for single stranded DNA in germinating pea seedsNaseem, ImranaHadi, S M
21-Nov-2013Putative anticancer mechanisms of plant derived polyphenolic compounds (a putative mechanism of apigenin, luteolin, chrysin, epigallocatechin-3-gallate, resveratrol and genistein)Husain Yar KhanHadi, S M
19-Sep-2013Putative anticancer mechanisms of plant derived small molecules: a putative mechanism of gossypol, apogossypolone and thymoquinoneHaseeb ZubairHadi, S M
18-Oct-2015Studies on a Nuclease from Chicken LiverRizvi, Rana YasmeenHadi, S M
20-Oct-2015Studies on an endonuclease from germinating pea _pisum sativum_ seedsWani, Altaf AhmadHadi, S M
3-Mar-2016Studies on nucleases in army wormAhmad, Nasir SaeeduddinHadi, S M