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15-Mar-20225 Nonyloxytryptamine a Small Organic Mimetic of Polysialic Acid as a Potential Candidate for Regeneration in Nervous System Injury and DiseaseKalotra, SHikhaGurcharan Kaur
9-Aug-2021Anxiolytic and Anti Neuroinflammatory Role of Withania somnifera L Dunal in Amelioration of Brain Function Impairments associated with Obesity and Sleep DeprivationTaranjeet KaurGurcharan Kaur
23-Aug-2013Effect of chronic Valproic acid treatment on Reproductive neuroendocrine plasticity in cycling female ratsLakhanpal, DineshGurcharan Kaur
20-Aug-2014Effect of Intermittent Fasting Dietary Restriction on Brain Plasticity Energy Homeostasis and Reproductive Function in Young Adult RatsSushil KumarGurcharan Kaur
14-May-2013Management and curriculum transaction in self financing colleges of education and perception of various stake holders about their operationsGurcharan KaurMalhotra, S P
29-May-2017Molecular Approaches to the Role of Tinospora cordifolia Miers in Neurooncology and NeuroprotectionMishra, RachanaGurcharan Kaur
24-May-2014Molecular approaches to the role of withania somnifera dunal in neurooncology and neuroexcitotoxicityKataria, HardeepGurcharan Kaur
5-Feb-2020Neuromodulatory Role of Withania somnifera L Dunal in Amelioration of Brain Function Impairments Associated with Obesity and Sleep DeprivationManchanda, ShaffiGurcharan Kaur
6-Jan-2022Neuroprotective potential of dietary restriction against excito toxic injurySharma, SandeepGurcharan Kaur
15-Mar-2022Neurotherapeutic Potential of Tinospora cordifoliaHarpal SinghGurcharan Kaur
3-Aug-2021New insights into the role of Tinospora cordifolia Miers and Indole aminophenylmorpholin 3 one conjugates into neurodegeneration and neuroinflammationSharma, AnuradhaGurcharan Kaur
21-Aug-2017Polysialic Acid Mimetics as Potential Therapeutic Agents for NeuroregenerationSaini, VedanganaGurcharan Kaur