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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
6-Oct-2016Characterization of entropy of type and#945; and#946; and#947; and its application in information theoryRam, GurdasGupta, Vishal
26-Jul-2018Existence of fixed points and their applications in certain spacesMani, Naveen KumarGupta, Vishal
25-May-2018Existence of fixed points for self maps in menger and fuzzy metric spacesSingh, BalbirGupta, Vishal
7-Sep-2013Fixed point theorems in metric spacesSharma, RichaGupta, Vishal
13-Oct-2016Fixed points iterations and their applications in metric and fuzzy metric spacesGupta, VishalSaini, Rajesh Kumar
13-Mar-2013Geomorphodynamics and morpho ecological management in the Little Rann of KutchGupta, VishalAnsari, A A
10-Sep-2014Inter intra generic protoplast fusion and characterization of somatic hybrids in seaweedsGupta, VishalReddy, C R K
25-Jan-2019Language independent text stemmer for information retrievalJasmeet SinghGupta, Vishal
27-Jul-2018On fixed point theorem and applications in fuzzy metric spacesVerma, ManuGupta, Vishal
5-Jan-2017quotImproved beacon stuffing and quantification of criticisms in analytic hierarchy process for infrastructure WLANsquotGupta, VishalRohil, Mukesh Kumar
11-Sep-2013Related Fixed point theorems in 2 metric spacesKumar, RavinderGupta, Vishal
25-May-2018Some common fixed point theorems on 2 metric and generalized metric spacesDeep, RamanGupta, Vishal
7-Sep-2013Some fixed point theorems for complete metric spacesKanwar, AshimaGupta, Vishal
11-Sep-2013A Study of Common Fixed point theorems in metric spacesKumar, VakilGupta, Vishal
25-May-2018Study of fixed point theorems in Fuzzy matric spaces and their applicationsKanwar, AshimaGupta, Vishal
8-May-2018Study of fixed points for mappingsTripathi, Adesh KumarGupta, Vishal
24-Feb-2015A sustainable supply chain management framework for it products an exploratory studyGupta, VishalAbidi, Naseem and Bandyopadhayay, Asit