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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
11-Mar-2021A Study of Certain Commutativity Conditions in Associative RingsGupta, SumanAchlesh Kumari
8-Aug-2017Ayodhaya mudda Hindi samachar patro ki bhoomikaGupta, SumanJoshi, Ramsharan
6-Jan-2014Chemotherapy of visceral leishmaniasis: molecular and biochemical approachRameshGupta, Suman
7-Mar-2014A comparative and critical study of the epistemological and ontological doctrines of John Locke and David HumeRoy, Sudipta DuttaGupta, Suman
7-Mar-2014A comparative and critical study of the epistemology and ontology of John Locke, Bishop Berkeley, David Hume and the Deconstruction of Jacques DerridaDash, SudarsanGupta, Suman
23-Jul-2014A comparative and critical study of the ontology and epistemology of David Hume and Bertrand RussellSangeetha, K SGupta, Suman
9-Jan-2014A comparative study of ontology and epistemology of spinoza and of Marx-EngelsSaxena, RakeshGupta, Suman
9-Jun-2014A critical examination of jean-paul sartre's philosophyTilak, B BalagangadharaGupta, Suman
17-Jan-2014A critical study of the relation between language and reality in wittgenstein's tractatus logico-philosophicusSirola, Vikram SinghGupta, Suman; Singh, R P
8-Dec-2014Deconstruction of theory in nietzsche s philosophyKohy, AbeyGupta, Suman
11-Jun-2014The development of dialectics from Kant to Hegel: a critical examinationSugathan, RGupta, Suman
24-Jan-2019Feminine sensibility in the novels of anita desai an existentialist approachRichaGupta, Suman
5-Mar-2014Man society and freedom in earlier and later sartreSingh, Mithilesh KumarSingh, R P; Gupta, Suman
6-Mar-2014Man, alienation and freedom: a comparative and critical study of karl mark (economic and philosophic manuscripts of 1844) and jean-paul sartre (being and nothingness. 1943)Sahoo, Jayanti PriyadarshiniGupta, Suman
12-Dec-2013Modulation of immune system as a novel strategy for leishmania chemotherapyNishiBajpai, Preeti; Gupta, Suman
25-Apr-2018Offences relating to marriage in India a critical studySingh, JaivirGupta, Suman
22-Oct-2013Post independence tenancy reform in Uttar PradeshGupta, SumanAgrawal, S R
7-Mar-2014Substance and causality in the philosophies of John Locke and Immanuel Kant: a critical and comparative studySaha, DebikaGupta, Suman
31-Aug-2021Survey and Study of Ochratoxin Producing Aspergilli Associated with Wheat and Barley Grains in Field and StorageGupta, SumanSingh, S
7-Dec-2018The male world in the novels of bharati mukherjee and shobha deAwasthi, AbhishekGupta, Suman