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14-Jul-2016Alternate cry toxin targets in a lepidopteran insect pest achaea janataJacob, Thuirei NingshenGupta, Aparna Dutta
29-Jun-2016Characterization of a haemolymph protein HP19 and its possible role in nongenomic actions of 20 hydroxyecdysone during the postembryonic development of rice moth corcyra cephalonicaArif, AbulGupta, Aparna Dutta
14-Aug-2012Hexamerins: expression regulation and their uptake in rice moth, corcyra cephalonicaDamara, ManoharGupta, Aparna Dutta
5-Jul-2016Molecular characterization of local isolates of bacillus thuringiensis effective against achaea janata identification of cry toxins their genes and receptors cloning of a novel fat body aminopeptidase as alternate target for cry toxins and its comparison with midgut aminopeptidaseMadhusudhan, BudathaGupta, Aparna Dutta
14-Aug-2012Purification and characterization of protease inhibitors from A. correntina and A. cardenasii and their Inhibitory effect on midgut proteases of Spodoptera litura and Achaea janataVijayaprasadarao, KGupta, Aparna Dutta
5-Jul-2016Regulatory proteins from insect haemolymph and their role in developmentRao, G DamodaraGupta, Aparna Dutta
12-Jul-2016Silk genes and their regulation in stored grain pest corcyra cephalonicaChaitanya, R KGupta, Aparna Dutta
6-Apr-2011Studies on a haemolymph peptide that regulates Ecdysterone mediated lysosomal activity and protein phosphorylation during postembryonic development of Rice moth corcyra cephalonicaVasanthi, M.Gupta, Aparna Dutta