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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
22-Sep-2017Antiarthritic potential of Nanogold conjugated snake venom protein toxinSaha, Partha PratimGomes, Antony
27-Jul-2017Bioactivity and bioactive constituents of fresh water snail Viviparous Bengalensis flesh extract in experimental osteoporosis and osteoarthritisAmrita, SarkarGomes, Antony
22-Sep-2017Biological interactions of nanoparticle-herbal combinations in experimental anaemia and hepatotoxicityGhosh, SouravGomes, Antony
10-Oct-2017Evaluation of the anti arthritic properties of black tea extract active constituent in experimental arthritic animal modelsDatta, PoulamiGomes, Antony
11-Oct-2017Evaluation of the antisnake venom activity of vitex negundo and embilica officinalis an experimental studySarkhel, SumanaGomes, Antony
28-Jul-2017Experimental evaluation of antisnake venom activity of Indian medicinal plantsChattopadhyay, IpsitaGomes, Antony
28-Jul-2017Pharmacological and toxicological studies on snake head Fish channa striatusKarmakar, SurajitGomes, Antony
4-Jun-2018Pharmacological studies on centipede venomGomes, AntonyLahiri, S C
28-Jul-2017Physiological and pharmacological studies on the toad Bufo melanostictus Schneider skin extractDas, ManikaGomes, Antony
22-Sep-2017Snake venom Cytotoxin and Nanoparticle conjugation for cancer cell targetingBhowmik, TanmoyGomes, Antony
15-Dec-2017Snake venom neutralization by nano herbal conjugates and its toxicity assessment in experimental animal modelsSaha, KalyaniGomes, Antony
22-Sep-2017Studies on antineoplastic activities of the bioactive molecule s from the skin of the Indian toad bufo melanostictus schneiderGiri, BiplabGomes, Antony
18-Aug-2017Studies on Catfish Plotosus canius venomAdhya, BiswajitGomes, Antony
22-Sep-2017Studies on the antineoplastic activities of snake venom toxin sBiswas, Ajay KumarGomes, Antony
14-Jun-2017Studies on the bioactive molecules from snake venomSaha, ArchitaGomes, Antony
11-Oct-2017Studies on the heavy metal bioaccumulation and biopotential of polychaetes Annelida from Sunderban regions Northeast coast of the Bay of BengalAlam, Md AftabGomes, Antony
27-Oct-2017Studies on the Indian black scorpion Heterometrus Bengalensis venom in experimental osteoporosisHaldar, SubhashGomes, Antony
28-Jul-2017Studies on the Indian King Cobra ophiophagus hannah venomD E, PallabiGomes, Antony
28-Jul-2017Studies on the snake venom antagonism by snake venom resistant animalsMishra, RoshnaraGomes, Antony