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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
20-Feb-2017A study of oxidations by oxone and their mechanismsKapshikar, K VGokavi, G S
20-Feb-2017Development of new catalytic methods of fine chemical synthesisMaradur, S PGokavi, G S
3-Mar-2017Heteropolyoxometalate mediated oxidations by peroxocompoundsRajmane, Deepak SGokavi, G S
28-Feb-2017Kinetics and mechanism of dihydroxy benzoic acids oxidation by chromium(VI)Shejawal, R VGokavi, G S
23-Feb-2017Kinetics and mechanism of oxidation by pyridinium chlorochromateVirkar, D DGokavi, G S
7-Mar-2017Kinetics and mechanism of oxidation of aliphatic and aromatic acid hydrazides by potassium bromate catalyzed by selenium dioxideYalgudre, Ramesh SGokavi, G S
4-May-2012Kinetics and mechanism of oxidation of organic substrates by Tetrabutyl Ammonium TribromideZende, Sunil NGokavi, G S
9-Mar-2017Kinetics and mechanism of oxidation reactions involving polyoxometalatesGurame, Vashishtha MGokavi, G S
28-Mar-2017Kinetics and mechanism of oxidations by tetrabutylammonium tribromideKalantre, Vilasrao AGokavi, G S
6-Mar-2017Kinetics and mechanism of some oxidation reactionsBabshet, R MGokavi, G S
4-May-2012Organic-inorganic hybrid polymer membranes to investigate pervaporation separation of liquid mixturesMagalad, Veeresh TGokavi, G S
16-Mar-2017Polyoxometallates mediated oxidation reactions and their mechanismsBhosale, B DGokavi, G S
27-Mar-2017Study of redox reactions of transition metal ions co ordinated to unsaturated heteropolytungstate anionsHasure, A MGokavi, G S
28-Mar-2017Synthesis and characterization of new polymeric membranes for pervaporation separation of aqueous organic mixturesTeli, Shivanand BGokavi, G S