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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
28-Jul-2017Ecology of methanogenesis with special reference to sulphate reducing and denitrifying bacteriaKulakarni, Saral VGodbole, S H
28-Feb-2017Microbiology of the anaerobic lagoonsKale, Sahebrao ChandrabhanGodbole, S H
16-Feb-2017Microbiology of water hyacinth with reference to methanogenesisBarve, Rasika RGodbole, S H
12-May-2017Nodulation studies on wild arboreal and herbaceous legumes naturally growing in three agro_climatic zones of Maharashtra State and their role in nitrogen fixationPaknikar, Savita KGodbole, S H
28-Feb-2017quotStudies on secondary aerobic treatment of distillery waste.quotS N, KanetkarGodbole, S H
28-Mar-2017Studies on microbiology of gobar gas _biogas_ plant with reference to methanogenic organismsRanade, Dilip RamchandraGodbole, S H
21-Aug-2017Studies on microbiology of gobar gas _biogas_ plant with reference to non_methanogenic organismsGore, Janardan AnnaGodbole, S H
25-Jul-2017Studies on root nodule bacteria isolated from some wild and cultivated pulse legumes with special reference to serological subgroupingDabke, Vaijayanti PGodbole, S H
28-Feb-2017Studies on soil actinomycetes of Karad talukaDeshmukh, Arvind MadhavraoGodbole, S H
29-Mar-2017Studies on the biodegradation of dinitrobenzene wastesDey, SabitaGodbole, S H
9-Mar-2017Studies on the biodegradation of explosive wasteKorgaonkar, Suman BhaskarGodbole, S H
29-Mar-2017Studies on the microbial degradation of distillery waste _Spent washGadre, Ramachandra VithalGodbole, S H
29-Mar-2017Studies on the microbial degradation of pulp and paper mill wasteDudhbhate, Jaideep AGodbole, S H
2-Feb-2017Studies on the production of diphtheria toxin by different strains of corynebacterium diphtheria with special reference to nutrient media employed for their growthRavetkar, Satish DamodarGodbole, S H
12-May-2017Studies on the root nodule bacteria associated with some wild legumes unreported for nodulationNimbalkar, S SGodbole, S H
12-May-2017Studies on thermophilic anaerobic cellulolytic bacteriaNagarwala, Nazifa NGodbole, S H
29-Mar-2017Sudies of vibrio parahaemolyticus and its lipopolysaccharideBandekar, J RGodbole, S H
16-Mar-2017Taxonomic studies of root nodule bacteria from wild leguminous plantsGandhi, M BGodbole, S H