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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
20-Oct-2015Biochemical responses of some plantation crops to ambient air pollutionLone, Farooq AhmadGhouse, A K M
19-Oct-2015Growth performance of certain pulse crops in response to coal smoke pollutionPerveen, AzraGhouse, A K M
19-Oct-2015Morphological studies of the effects of gamma_rays on Linum usitatissimum L Var NeelumAbidi, Syed HasanGhouse, A K M
21-Oct-2015Pharmacognostical and botanical identification of some important bark drugs used in Indian system of medicineAhmad, Rasheed UddinGhouse, A K M
21-Oct-2015Studies on ethno_pharmacognosy of selected bark drugs of traditional system of medicineAtique, AbdulGhouse, A K M
19-Oct-2015Studies on primary productivity in relation to air pollution emitted by a Coal Fired power plantKhan, Fareed AhmadGhouse, A K M
19-Oct-2015Studies on the biochemical responses of some selected perennials to coal_smoke pollutionSaheed, SGhouse, A K M
19-Oct-2015Studies on the cambium of Bombax malabaricum: development, structure and periodicityKhan, Pervaiz RasheedGhouse, A K M
15-Dec-2015Studies on the effect of air pollution on the growth activity of Dalbergia sissoo roxbKhan, Ahsan UGhouse, A K M
19-Oct-2015Studies on the effect of some ionizing radiations on linum usitatissimum var MuktaKazmi, ReshmaGhouse, A K M
20-Oct-2015Studies on the population dynamics of some common weeds under the stress of environmental pollutionAmani, Anwar ZaheerGhouse, A K M
14-Dec-2015Studies on the seasonal activity of vascular cambium and secondary phloem in some myrtaceaeKhan, ShahnazGhouse, A K M
15-Dec-2015The anatomical study of the growth activities of guavaKhan, Mohd. Ishrat HusainGhouse, A K M
14-Dec-2015The life history embryology of some rubiaceaeWaseem, TalatGhouse, A K M