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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
20-Jun-2017Studies on lipid profiles of eggs of some freshwater and estuarine Fish of IndiaMukhopadhyay, TapasGhosh, Santinath
25-Jul-2017Studies on microbial enzyme processing of some lipid derivativesGangopadhyay, SarbaniGhosh, Santinath
22-Sep-2017Studies on process development for better utilisation of seed meal constituentsDas, RanjanaGhosh, Santinath
25-Jul-2017Studies on some natural and fractionated glycerides and refinery by productsGhosh, SantinathBhattacharyya, D K
22-Sep-2017Studies on the antioxidative effect of polyphenols isolated from vegetables in presence of pesticidesDatta, SanjuktaGhosh, Santinath
22-Sep-2017Studies on the antioxidative effects of some natural components of oil bearing materials against coronary heart disease and diabetes mellitusBhattacharyya, DebasisGhosh, Santinath
27-Oct-2017Studies on the antioxidative status of polyphenols present in some leafy vegetablesMallik, BidisaGhosh, Santinath
4-Jun-2018Studies on the biochemical and nutritional aspects of bellamya bengalensisChowdhury, Anadi RoyGhosh, Santinath
27-Oct-2017Studies on the biochemical aspects of marigold flowersBhattacharyya, SugataGhosh, Santinath
11-Oct-2017Studies on the effect of dietary seed proteins and hydrolysates on lipid profile in RatsBiswas, ArundhatiGhosh, Santinath
10-Oct-2017Studies on utilisation of oil and non oil constituents of some oil bearing materials and microbesBandyopadhyay, KakaliGhosh, Santinath