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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
22-May-2017Chemical transformation of carbocyclic compounds and screening for their biological activityChakraborty,PrasantaGhosh, Pranab
30-Dec-2019Development of Novel methodologies for the construction of C Hetero bondSaha, BittuGhosh, Pranab
9-Sep-2019Explorative studies on carbon hetero bond transformation reaction and carbon hetero bond formation reactionPariyar, Gyan ChandraGhosh, Pranab
10-Jul-2019Explorative studies on carbon nitrogen C N bond formation and synthesis of nitrogen containing heterocyclic compoundsChakraborty, Rakesh RanjanGhosh, Pranab
29-Jan-2019Modification of lube oil properties by addition of organic polymeric additivesSaha, Debasish KumarGhosh, Pranab
17-Oct-2018Novel polymeric additives for modifying the performance of Lubricating oilTalukdar, SujitGhosh, Pranab
12-Jun-2019Organic polymeric additives for lubricating oilDas, MoumitaGhosh, Pranab
22-Sep-2017Polymeric additives for lubricating oilUpadhyay, MahuaGhosh, Pranab
23-Feb-2017Studies on chemical reactions of carbocyclic compoundsGhosh, PranabPradhan, B P
22-Sep-2017Studies on the reactions of C hetero bond formationSubba, RajuGhosh, Pranab
19-May-2017Synthesis and characterization of polymeric additives for lubricating oilDas, TapanGhosh, Pranab
4-Aug-2017Synthesis characterization and biocidal activities of the derivatives of steroids and pentacyclic triterpenoidsSarkar, AntaraGhosh, Pranab
28-Jul-2017Synthesis characterization and evaluation of acrylate based polymeric additives for lubricating oilNandi, DebabrataGhosh, Pranab
4-Aug-2017Transformative reactions of terpenoids and studies on their biological activityMandal, AmitavaGhosh, Pranab
10-Oct-2017Transformative reactions on carbocyclic compoundsDas, JayantaGhosh, Pranab