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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
5-Mar-2018An Investigation on Bioactivity of Certain Mangrove Plant Species of Indian Sundarbans with Special Reference to Application of Molecular Marker in Understanding Genetic DiversityDas, Surya ShekharGhosh, Parthadeb
2-Aug-2018An investigation on micropropagation of some houseplantsMaiti, IndranilGhosh, Parthadeb
20-Aug-2018An investigation on morphology biochemical and tissue culture studies of two species of Solanaceae Datura mete L and Withania somnifera L DunalPramanick, ParthaGhosh, Parthadeb
2-Aug-2018An investigation on tissue culture studies in two medicinally important species of rauvolfia R serpentina R tetraphylla with special reference to assessment of reserpine content and genetic fidelity using molecular marker RAPDMondal, SubhasishGhosh, Parthadeb
1-Aug-2018Biochemical physiological and molecular changes in tea under zinc boron and aluminium stressesMukhopadhyay, MainaakGhosh, Parthadeb
28-Feb-2018Hepper and Vigna radiate_L_Wilczek using Morphological Biochemical and Molecular MarkersDas Sur, SwatiGhosh, Parthadeb
5-Sep-2018Identification of genetic variations of citrus tristeza virus from diversified complex and development of management strategy in citrus through plant transformationTarafdar, AvijitGhosh, Parthadeb
20-Jun-2017Induced mutation and tissue culture in certain legumesGhosh, ParthadebSharma, A K
31-Jul-2018Studies on relationship between yield attributes anatomical and physio biochemical characters of mulberry genotypes tolerant to high moisture stress conditionSil, Sudipta KumarGhosh, Parthadeb
20-Aug-2018Survey of medicinal plant diversity in the Howrah district of West Bengal and Ex Situ conservation strategies in certain taxaDas, ManotoshGhosh, Parthadeb