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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
17-Dec-2015A histo physiological and biochemical study of the pectoralis muscle of the pigeon and a few representative types of birds with special reference to lipase and certain oxidative enzymesTalesara,C LGeorge,J C
16-Dec-2015A histo physiological study of the insect flight muscleGovardhana Bhakthan,N MGeorge,J C
16-Dec-2015A histo physiological study on the adipose tissueEapen,JGeorge,J C
16-Dec-2015A histophysiological and biochemical study of pigeon breast muscle under induced atrophy and of human dystrophic muscleCherian,K MGeorge,J C
16-Dec-2015A histophysiological study of certain organs and tissues of the freshwater crab paratelphusa jacquemontii with special reference to reproduction and fat metabolismShyamala,V NGeorge,J C
17-Dec-2015A histophysiological study of the mammalian diaphragmNaik,Y MGeorge,J C
16-Dec-2015A histophysiological study of the red and white muscles of a migratory hilsa ilisha and a non migratory hilsa toli fishJoseph,M MGeorge,J C
17-Dec-2015A study on certain biochemical and histophysiological aspects of orthopteran fat bodyHegdekar,Baburao ManjunathGeorge,J C
16-Dec-2015A study on the structure and metabolism of the bird and bat flight musclesJyoti,DollyGeorge,J C
16-Dec-2015Certain aspects of air breathing in fishes with special reference to Indian teleostsDubale,Mahadeo SGeorge,J C
16-Dec-2015Histological and histochemical studies on the cyclic changes in the neuroendocrine system of a migratory anadromous and a nonmigratory fishDesai,KiranGeorge,J C
16-Dec-2015Histophysiological observations on certain bird and bat musclesBose,D Arunojayam ChandraGeorge,J C
17-Dec-2015Histophysiological observations on the cyclic changes in certain organs and tissues of the anadromous migratory fish hilsa ilisha HAM and non migratory hilsa toli CUV and VALDesai,Arvind KGeorge,J C
17-Dec-2015Histophysiological studies on certain tissues of the migratory starling sturnus roseus with emphasis on the liverPilo,BonnyGeorge,J C
16-Dec-2015Histophysiological studies on vertebrate red and white skeletal musclesBokdawala,Freny DGeorge,J C
16-Dec-2015Studies on certain aspects of the anatomy and physiology of reptiles with special reference to the cheloniaShah,Raman VadilalGeorge,J C
17-Dec-2015Studies on certain aspects of the functional anatomy of the flight muscle pectoralis major of a few representative birds exhibiting different modes of flightNaik,Rameshchandra MaganlalGeorge,J C
17-Dec-2015Studies on certain aspects of the physiology of the furniture carpet beetle anthrenus voray waterhouse dermestidae coleopteraNair,K S SadasivanGeorge,J C
17-Dec-2015Studies on certain enzymes of the skeletal and cardiac muscles of vertebrates with emphasis on lipaseScaria,K SGeorge,J C
16-Dec-2015Studies on certain metabolic adaptations in the avian pectoralis and bloodVallyathan,N VGeorge,J C