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24-Jul-2020A study on regulatory environment of mutual funds in india with focus on its investors with special reference to salem district in tamilnaduGeetha KSingaravel P
23-Oct-2020Certain investigations on fuzzy clustering and optimized routing methods to improve the life span of wireless networksAlagumuthukrishnan SGeetha K
14-Oct-2019Classification and detection of epileptic seizure disease in eeg signals using artificial neural network based ica functionsRajesh Kumar TGeetha K
30-Sep-2020Design of low power non volatile magnetic flipflop using FD SOI technologySakthimurugan KGeetha K
8-Oct-2020Efficient spatial query processing techniques using indexing and proxy based approachesGeetha KKannan A
15-Jul-2019Empirical models for thyroid disease classification using hybrid differential evolutionary algorithmGeetha KSanthosh Baboo S
2-Feb-2017Impact of corporate social responsibility practices on consumer behaviour with reference to fmcgs in Tamil NaduGeetha KJayakumar A
13-Oct-2014Integrated Distillery Wastewater Treatment With Simultaneous Bio Energy Production Using Microbial Fuel CellGeetha KAmalraj S
20-Aug-2014Lending performance of commercial banks in private and salem district A comparative study of public private and co operative sectorsGeetha KShanmuga Sundaram S
17-Jan-2020Nephroprotective nephrocurative activity of some medicinal plants against gentamicin cisplatin induced nephrotoxicityGeetha KNadendla, Ramarao
29-Sep-2020Performance analysis of single phase induction motor using neural network predictive controller and pi controllersSaravanan SGeetha K
19-Aug-2014pharmacognostical, phytochemical and pharmacological evaluation of salvadora persica for the treatment of lithiasisGeetha KManavalan R
20-Jun-2017Secured multimedia communication in mobile adhoc networksGeetha KSreenath N
9-Jun-2016Semigroup of Singular MatricesGeetha KNambooripad K S S
17-Jun-2016Semigroup of Singular matricesGeetha KK S S Nambooripadu
23-Sep-2020Strongly P G Compactness and Strongly P G Connectedness in Topological Spaces and Nano P GHomeomorphisms in Nano Topological SpacesGeetha KVigneshwaran M
27-Nov-2019Structural optical mechanical and thermodynamical properties of cu doped borophosphate glasses and some organic liquid mixtureGeetha KShailajha S
5-Nov-2019Study on firewall system identify and troubleshoot the malignant packet detection using similarity index algorithmSenthilkumar PGeetha K
3-Sep-2019Vainavak kalambaga ilakkiyangalil thonmamGeetha KRajesh B
12-Feb-2018Vision of Individual and Society in James Baldwins FictionGeetha KBaskaran V H