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29-Jan-2014Characterization of magnetic CoMnP thin films synthesized by electrodeposition techniqueKrishnappa M RMGanesan S
9-Apr-2015Delivery of anticancer drugs and Behavior analysis of the drugs by Using optical character of the CarriersShanmugavel CGanesan S
26-Aug-2020Dye sensitized solar cells syntheses of pyrazole and 2 mercapto pyridine derivatives and their application in nanocrystalline dye sensitized solar cells for direct conversion of solar radiation into electricityGanesan SMaruthamuthu P
16-Sep-2020Influence of retailer equity and customer personality on private label brand attitudeManikandan MKMGanesan S
1-Oct-2014Native fluorescence spectroscopic characterization for diagnosis of cervical cancerMuthuvelu KGanesan S
10-Feb-2015Optimization of vacuum evaporation system using monte carlo simulation and characterization of cdsnte thin filmsSakthivel KGanesan S
29-Oct-2014Photodynamic activity of anthra and Napthoquinones from thespesia Populnea and ervatamia coroneria Plants and some synthetic coumarinsDheva shantha kumara GGanesan S
11-Sep-2015Photodynamic activity of protoporphyrinix rosebengalgold nanoparticle conjugates and pilot study on the photo therapy of oral lichen planus and leukoplakiaWilfred prasanna SGanesan S
15-Dec-2014Preparation and characterization of Vacuum evaporated lead Phthalocyanine thin films on Glass and KCL substrateKalugasalam PGanesan S
5-Sep-2012Quantitative ultrasound tissue characterization in and around the shoulder joint with the gray level brightness mode histogram valuesVenkata Sai P MMelani, Rajendran; Ganesan S
10-Oct-2014Study on the influence of different dosimetric parameters for improving the image guided radiation therapyGopi SGanesan S
3-Sep-2014Synthesis And Characterization Of Baceyo3 And Bazryo3 Composites For Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Applications And Microwave Sintering Of NanoceramicsVasudevan RGanesan S