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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
17-Aug-2017A model for the formation of supermassive black hole at the centre of galaxiesYadav, Brijesh KumarDubey, G S
17-Aug-2017Accretion disk dynamics around black holesSrivastva, Arun KumarDubey, G S
17-Aug-2017Behaviour of quasilocal mass under conformal transformationsYadav, Brhma NandDubey, G S
17-Aug-2017Characterisation of cosmological spacetimesSrivastava, JyotsanaDubey, G S
21-Aug-2017Cosmological models in lyra geomertySingh, Umesh KumarDubey, G S
17-Aug-2017Cylindrically symmetric cosmological modelsMajumdar, BaniDubey, G S
17-Aug-2017Exact bosonic and supersymmetric string black hole solutionsSrivastava, Vijai PrakashDubey, G S
17-Aug-2017Inhomogeneous cosmological modelsTewari, Rajesh KumarDubey, G S
18-Aug-2017Inhomogeneous two fluid cosmological modelsPathak, Ramesh KumarDubey, G S
18-Aug-2017Magnetofluid cosmological models in higher dimensionsShukla, LaljeeDubey, G S
18-Aug-2017Quantum theory in external electro magnetic and gravitational fieldsDubey, Ved PrakashDubey, G S
18-Aug-2017Role of general relativity in accretion disksPathak, Ashutosh KumarDubey, G S
17-Aug-2017Rotating matters in general relativityChauhan, Ram SewakDubey, G S
17-Aug-2017Shock waves in magnetohydrodynamicsVerma, Ram NaraianDubey, G S
18-Aug-2017Some studies in cylindrically symmetric spacetimesMishra, Ashok KumarDubey, G S
23-Aug-2017Some studies in kantowski sachs spacetimesMishra, Nirmalendra NathDubey, G S
1-Nov-2017Some studies on quintessence and black holesMaurya, SumanDubey, G S
17-Aug-2017Spherically symmetric free fall gravitational collapseRizvi, Syed Mohd SadirDubey, G S
17-Aug-2017Stellar orbits around black holesSingh, Vijai BahadurDubey, G S
18-Aug-2017Studies in bosonic string physicsMishra, Kamala PrasadDubey, G S