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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
18-Oct-2016Adaptive responses tolerance and potential role of some native halotolerant plant species under salinity stressDhankhar, RajeshKaushik, Anubha
7-Apr-2015Bioethanol production from eichhornia crassipes and municipal solid wastesAnil KumarDhankhar, Rajesh
21-Jan-2013Biotransformation of hexavalent chromium from industrial effluent using bacterial strainsRachnaDhankhar, Rajesh
21-Jan-2013Development and performance assessment of fungal biosorbents for biosorption of uraniumAnjuDhankhar, Rajesh
17-Oct-2016Ecophysiological responses of soil and crop plants to thermal power plant effluentMohinder Singh Nain, SushmaDhankhar, Rajesh
4-Mar-2013Interaction of zinc and copper on mobilization of food reserves in germinating seeds of V igna mungo(L.) HepperSolanki, RadhaDhankhar, Rajesh
17-Oct-2016Isolation ecophysiological characterization and bioameliorative responses of cyanobacteria in sewage irrigated soilRanbir Singh Rana, LalitaDhankhar, Rajesh
17-Oct-2016Physiological responses of triticum aestivum to industrial effluentSangwan, SushilaDhankhar, Rajesh
18-Oct-2016Phytoremediation of contaminated sites of electroplating industry at Rohtak Haryana IndiaAhlawat, PoonamDhankhar, Rajesh
17-Oct-2016Studies on development of fungal biosorbent and assessment of its performance for remediation of heavy metals from industrial effluentChhikara, Sunil KumarDhankhar, Rajesh
18-Oct-2016Studies on low cost biosorbents and their immobilisation for the removal of toxic heavy metals from the aqueous solutionGaur, NitantDhankhar, Rajesh
18-Oct-2016Studies on the effect of sewage waste on soil physico chemical properties germination dry matter yield and nutrient uptake of some rabi and kharif crops of HaryanaKhatri, Sanjiv KumarDhankhar, Rajesh
17-Oct-2016Study on environmental status of Wetland Bhindawas Haryana IndiaKumar, SunilDhankhar, Rajesh