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24-Feb-2014Analysis and diagnosis of stuck at and bridging faults in reed muller canonical exclusive or sum of product circuitsGeetha VDevarajan N
28-Feb-2014Certain control approaches for the improvement in the performances of networked dc motor control with network challengesSharmila BDevarajan N
17-Nov-2014Certain investigations and Implementation of DCR technology In inductionmotors and submersible Motors to enhance efficiencyManoharan SDevarajan N
27-Aug-2014Certain investigations and realization of optimum thd in fpga based cascaded multi level inverter a soft computing approachMaruthupandi PDevarajan N
27-Feb-2014Certain investigations and realization of svm dtc of induction motor drives using fpgaRajendran RDevarajan N
7-Nov-2016Certain investigations on controller design to improve the performance of a non linear multivariable system with control challengesAngelinevijula DDevarajan N
27-Feb-2014Certain investigations on ZVS ZCS high frequency DC DC convertersParvathy PDevarajan N
17-Apr-2015Cost effective sensorless speed Control of permanent magnet Brushless dc motorVanisri ADevarajan N
28-Feb-2014Design of induction motor for optimum efficiency and power factor using soft computing techniquesSivaraju S SDevarajan N
20-Nov-2014Development of intelligent Controllers for static var Compensator to suppress power OscillationsKarpagam NDevarajan N
15-Jun-2015An enhanced QOS provisioning for Wimax using channel aware Cross layer schedulerNandhini RDevarajan N
3-Mar-2020Feature identification using image processing techniquesAlarmelu Mangai RDevarajan N
20-Oct-2020Framework metals as versatile catalyst for organic transformationsDevarajan NSuresh P
3-Mar-2014Investigation on performance of hybrid CMC dstatcom for mitigation of load current harmonics in medium voltage distribution networkSuresh SDevarajan N
16-Nov-2020Investigations on optimal location and sizing of facts devices for voltage stability enhancement in power systems using optimization techniquesArunkumar GDevarajan N
11-Nov-2014Modeling and control of Superheated steam Temperature control processPoornaselvan K JDevarajan N
26-Nov-2014Neuro fuzzy approaches for fault Detection in rotating machinesDuraisamy VDevarajan N
11-Sep-2015A novel maximum power point tracking of photovoltaic array and online dynamically decoupled control of microgrid connected inverterVijayakumari ADevarajan N
3-Sep-2014Power quality improvement of grid connected wind electric generator using static synchronous compensator with supercapacitorVanitha VDevarajan N
26-Nov-2014Soft computing approach for fault Detection in electrical machinesSomasundareswari DDevarajan N