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20-Jun-2017Biochemical studies on toxemia of pregnancyChaudhuri, DhrubaDatta, Asoke G
20-Jun-2017Effect of cobalt and vitamin B12 on peroxidase and tyrosine iodinaseBanerjee, RanajitDatta, Asoke G
4-Jun-2018Effect of erythropoietin on the iodination reaction catalyzed by purified peroxidasesRay, Pradip KumarDatta, Asoke G
21-Jun-2017Effect of erythropoietin on the lipid biosynthesis of Rat erythrocyte membraneChaudhuri, TuliDatta, Asoke G
20-Jun-2017In vitro formation of thyroid hormones by submaxillary gland and demonstration of the existence of an inhibitor of iodination reactionGuha, MitaliDatta, Asoke G
20-Jun-2017Purification of a thyroid peroxidase and its comparison with the submaxillary peroxidaseHaldar, IndiraDatta, Asoke G
22-Sep-2017Role of erythropoietin on lipid peroxidation and protective systems against oxidative threat in red blood cell membraneChattopadhyay, AindrilaDatta, Asoke G
9-Oct-2017Role of monoamines on fibrinogen biosynthesisRay, Amit KumarDatta, Asoke G
20-Jun-2017Role of thyroid on the synthesis of protein in submaxillary gland with special reference to peroxidaseDas, RakhahariDatta, Asoke G
20-Jun-2017Some aspects of carbohydrate metabolism in L Donovani with special reference to succinate formationChatterjee, TapatiDatta, Asoke G
20-Jun-2017Studies on some aspects of iodide peroxidase from submaxillary glandKhadilkar, UshaDatta, Asoke G
20-Jun-2017Studies on some effects of pyridine nucleotides on cardiovascular system and smooth muscleChauhan, Pawan SinghDatta, Asoke G
20-Jun-2017Studies on the enzymatic formation of diiodotyrosineHati, Ratha NathDatta, Asoke G