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28-Jul-2017Alteration of the metabolic profile of some important organs in the rodent on exposure to nicotine in dietary protein inadequacyGhosh, ChandanaDasgupta, Shakuntala
14-Jun-2017Bio pharmacological evaluation of Amoora rohituka W and A an indigenous natural productGol, Mukul KantiDasgupta, Shakuntala
28-Jul-2017Brain function of the rodent during protein restriction following exposure to heavy metalPharikal, KaberiDasgupta, Shakuntala
28-Jul-2017Dimethoate an organophosphorus pesticide induced alteration of metabolic profile in male toad Bufo melanostictusPradhan, Pranab KumarDasgupta, Shakuntala
28-Jul-2017Effect of aminoglycosides on the male reproductive system in altered protein statusBandyopadhyay, SubhasriDasgupta, Shakuntala
10-Jul-2017Effect of nicotine on the male reproductive system during protein insufficiencyDas, SatyabrataDasgupta, Shakuntala
28-Jul-2017Effect of some commonly used pesticides on some metabolically active tissue and related enzymes of tilapia Mossambica petersDatta, TapasiDasgupta, Shakuntala
28-Jul-2017Effects of aminoglycosidic antibiotics on organs of metabolic interest with reference to protein inadequacy in dietGhosh, SarmishthaDasgupta, Shakuntala
28-Jul-2017Involvement of central neurotransmitters in steroidal control of fertility in female rodentDas, Parikshit ChandraDasgupta, Shakuntala
28-Jul-2017Metallic pollution its effect on male reproductive system with reference to protein inadequacyDas, Kusal KantiDasgupta, Shakuntala