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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
3-Apr-2017A study of nonlinear variational inequality problems in various spacesMohanta, Susanta KumarDas, P K
25-Jan-2018A study of nutritional status and health condition of the bonda a primitive tribal community of OrissaModak, BiswajitDas, P K
15-Jan-2018An anthropological perspective of filariasisMohapatra, AmarendraDas, P K
27-Jan-2017Behaviour of electrolytes in mixed solventsDas, Bijoy KetanDas, P K
2-Nov-2010Biocontrol potential of diplonychus indicus Venk & Rao (hemiptera:belostomatidae) against mosquito vectors with particular reference to the control of Aedes Aegypti (diptera:culicidae)Swagnaname, NDas, P K
2-Nov-2010The biology, ecology and behaviour of anopheles jeyporiensis james, 1902 in the hilly tracts of Koraput district, OrissaSadanandane, CDas, P K
30-Jan-2017Economic impact of Rural Development projects on small farmersKothai, KrishnaDas, P K
30-Jan-2017Economics of cardamom A case study of Kodagu DistrictBalakrishna, P KDas, P K
12-Feb-2018Emerging health problem of Tibetan refugees of Chandragiri OrissaSatapathy, Kanhu CharanDas, P K
15-Feb-2018Genetical socio cultural and environmental factors influencing alcoholic habits an exploratory study of the Bondo highlanders of OrissaNayak, Jayanta KumarDas, P K
11-Jan-2016Geology of the tertiary formations in and around kimin of Subansiri district Arunachal NEFA HimalayaDas, P KChoudhury, J M
27-Jan-2017Ion solvation in aquo organic solventsPatra, ChidanandaDas, P K
27-Jan-2017Metal ligand interaction in some new transitional metal complexesNayak, Sarat ChandraDas, P K
28-Oct-2016Personnel management of Paradip port a study in its profile and performanceDas, P KNanda, Sukadev
11-Jan-2016Petrological and structural studies of Shillong group of rocks around Mawryngkneng east Khasi hills district of MeghalayaBorah, MahanandaDas, P K
2-Nov-2010Quantification of attributes related to the biological control potential of toxorhynchites splendens Wiedemann, 1819 (diptera: culicidae) against mosquito vectorsDominic Amalraj, DDas, P K
11-Jan-2016Sedimentological studies of modern sediments of the Brahmaputra river around Nimatighat Jorhat AssamBorthakur, JoytiDas, P K
11-Jan-2016Some sedimentological and economic aspects of the recent sediments of the river subansiri in and around Gerukamukh and Dirpaimukh Lakhimpur district AssamMahanta, Subodh KumarDas, P K
20-Jun-2017States on different oxidation states of some cobalt complexes and their catalytic propertiesD E, Asim KumarDas, P K
2-Nov-2010Studies on ecology and behaviour of anopheles fulviatilis James, 1902 (diptera: culicidae) in relation to malaria transmission in Koraput district, Orissa, India.Gunasekaran, KDas, P K