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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
11-Jan-2016Effect of GA CCC and blitox on the germination and growth of certain crop seedsSaha, ParulDas, N
11-Jan-2016Effect of growth regulators and some other chemical on flowering behaviour of pineappleSharma, Rabin KumarDas, N
7-Jan-2016Induction of root formation in cuttings by the application of plant hormonesSarma, Keshab ChandraDas, N
5-Jan-2016Induction of seedless fruits in cucurbits by the application of auxinsSingh, Kangjam SanajaobaDas, N
6-Jan-2016Studies on certain cultural and manurial aspects of groundnut arachis hypogea linn cultivation in AssamWamanan, P PDas, N
8-Jan-2016Studies on the action of certain synthetic plant hormone and mineral elements on the growth yield and quality of groundnut arachis hypogaea lDas, Harendra NarayanDas, N
11-Jan-2016Studies on the chemical regulation of growth of excised root tips of tomato lycopersicum esculentum lGogoi, MrinaliniDas, N
8-Jan-2016Studies on the control of flowering and fruiting of pineapples by the application of plant hormones and allied compoundsBaruah, AnuradhaDas, N
1-Jan-2016Studies on the effect of certain growth regulators on the extension growth of epicotyl of gram cicer arietinum LSarma, Rabindra NathDas, N
31-Dec-2015Studies on the effect of growth regulators growth retardants and promoters on the growth and yield of certain economic crop plantsBaishya, NilimaDas, N
4-Jan-2016Studies on the effect of some growth substances on the germination and growth of carrot daucus carota LHussain, ShamsulDas, N
6-Jan-2016Studies on the effects of auxins and allied compounds on the extension growth of excised rootsDas, Probodh KumarDas, N
11-Jan-2016Studies on the effects of certain chemicals and their interactions on the germination of photoblastic seeds of tobacco in light and darkDhekialPhukan, Jiban ChandraDas, N
8-Jan-2016Studies on the effects of certain growth factors on the expansion growth of leaf disks of bean phaseolus vulgaris LINNSarma, Chandra MohanDas, N
31-Dec-2015Studies on the effects of certain growth promoters and growth retardants on the seed germination and seedling growth of certain economic cropsDeka, DeepaliDas, N
11-Jan-2016Studies on the effects of growth promoters and retardants and their interactions on cucumber hypocotyl elongation in vivoBora, NirupamaDas, N
6-Jan-2016Studies on the growth of excised root tissues by the application of both organic and inorganic compoundsDas, Makhani DekaDas, N
6-Jan-2016The ecological study of the weed flora of some of the hill areas of Meghalaya and their chemical controlLaloo, Roytre ChristopherDas, N
8-Jan-2016The effect of certain macro and microelements on the growth and yield of dwarf wheatsSarma, RajeswarDas, N
6-Jan-2016The effect of gibberellic acid and some other plant hormones on the growth yield and quality of some fodder cropsDas, Jatindra NathDas, N