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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
21-Jun-2017Analysis of some biological phenomena from nonequilibrium thermodynamic point of viewDasgupta, Anjan KumarDas, Jyotirmoy
9-Oct-2017Biophysical and molecular biological studies on DNA damage and its repair in vibrio choleraeDas, GoutamDas, Jyotirmoy
10-Jul-2017Cell surface of vibrio cholerae interaction with beta lactam antibiotics and related studiesSengupta, Tapas KumarDas, Jyotirmoy
10-Jul-2017Characterization of a vibrio cholerae plasmid and transformation by plasmid DNAPanda, Dibyendu KumarDas, Jyotirmoy
10-Oct-2017Characterization of choleraphage genomesSengupta, AnuradhaDas, Jyotirmoy
10-Oct-2017Construction of a combined genetic and physical map of the genome of Vibrio cholerae 569BMajumdar, RumaDas, Jyotirmoy
4-Jun-2018Construction of physical map of the genome of vibrio cholerae 569B and localization of genetic markersSengupta, SanghamitraDas, Jyotirmoy
25-Jul-2017DNA mismatch repair in vibrio cholerae cloning and characterization of mutu gene and its productSengupta, AdityaDas, Jyotirmoy
8-Jan-2016Investigation on the analysis of trace amounts of inorganic substancesDatta, KrishnaDas, Jyotirmoy
8-Jan-2016Investigation on the analytical selectivity and use of diketo compoundsMukherjee, Goutam KumarDas, Jyotirmoy
21-Jun-2017Kinetic and thermodynamic analysis of composite reaction systems with special reference to cyclic chemical pathwaysGhosh, ChitraDas, Jyotirmoy
9-Oct-2017Molecular biology of the choleraphages 0149 and 0138Quader, RukhsanaDas, Jyotirmoy
24-Jul-2017Molecular genetics of choleraphage phi 149 replicationBiswas, Sidhartha KrishnaDas, Jyotirmoy
26-Jul-2017On certain characteristics of tropospheric propagation of radio waves in the coastal region of Eastern IndiaD E, Arun KumarDas, Jyotirmoy
8-Jan-2016Organic reagents in inorganic analysisChaudhuri, NirmalkusumDas, Jyotirmoy
21-Jun-2017Outer membrane proteins in Vibrio cholerae purification and characterizationChakrabarti, Subhra RanjanDas, Jyotirmoy
10-Oct-2017Phage 92 a new broad host range choleraphageBarman, SubrataDas, Jyotirmoy
22-Sep-2017Physical mapping of Vibrio cholerae GenomeKhetawat, GopalDas, Jyotirmoy
16-Jun-2017Protein secretion in vibrio choleraeBhattacharyya, DibyenduDas, Jyotirmoy
9-Oct-2017Stress response in vibrio cholerae analysis of heat shock proteinsSahu, Gautam KumarDas, Jyotirmoy