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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
27-Jul-2017Acyclic compartmental ligand complexes of Mn Ni Cu and Zn - Synthesis characterization and reactivity studyMukherjee, MadhuparnaDas, Debasis
25-Jul-2017Chemistry of bi and polynuclear complexes of transition and post transition metals based on compartmental and bridging ligandsBanerjee, ArpitaDas, Debasis
27-Jul-2017Chemistry of polynuclear metal complexes with some N O and S donor ligandsMandal, SandipDas, Debasis
28-Dec-2017Chemistry of schiff base and mannich base complexes of transition and post transition metal ions and studies on their bio relevant catalytic activitiesKundu, PriyankaDas, Debasis
27-Jul-2017Chemistry of transition and post-transition metal complexes of varying nuclearity with some N O donor ligandsGhosh, TotanDas, Debasis
30-Sep-2020Comparative Study od Physical Fitness and Anthropometric Variables between Urban and Rural AdolescentsDas, DebasisSudarsan Biswas
10-Oct-2017Compartmental ligand complexes of d and f block elements synthesis characterization and their reactivityBanu, Kazi SabnamDas, Debasis
29-May-2019Complexes of d block elements with ligands having different denticity synthesis characterization magnetic and bio relevent catalytic studyMajumder, IshaniDas, Debasis
27-Oct-2017Role of unfolded protein in ribosome recyclingDas, DebasisGupta, Chanchal Das
31-Dec-2015Studies on heterocyclic azo complexes of heavy metals and some analytical applicationsDas, DebasisDas, A K and Sinha, C R
27-May-2019Studies on transition and post transition metal complexes of various nuclearity with ligands having N O donor sites syntheses characterization photophysical property and bio relevant catalytic activityPurkait, SuranjanaDas, Debasis
16-Oct-2017Studies on transition and post transition metal complexes with acyclic and cyclic schiff base ligandsChattopadhyay, TanmayDas, Debasis
27-Jul-2017Syntheses and characterization of macroacyclic compartmental ligand complexes of transition and post-transition metal Ions and studies of their bio-relevant reactivitiesDas, SudhanshuDas, Debasis
10-Oct-2017Syntheses and characterization of schiff base complexes of some 3d metal ions and studies of their bio relevant reactivitiesGuha, AveriDas, Debasis
20-Oct-2015Syntheses characterization and applications of diferent fluorescent probes derived from coumarinGuha, SubarnaDas, Debasis
18-Nov-2016Syntheses characterization and applications of different fluorescent Probes derived from coumarinGuha, SubarnaDas, Debasis
27-Jul-2017Synthesis characterisation and bioactivity of transition and post-transition metal complexes of designed mannich and Schiff-base ligandsSanyal, RiaDas, Debasis
16-Nov-2016Synthesis characterization and application of different fluorescent probes with nitrogen oxygen and or sulfur donor sitesBanerjee, ArnabDas, Debasis
27-Jul-2017Transition and Post-Transition metal complexes of Schiff-base ligands - Syntheses characterization and catalytic activity in Homogeneous and Heterogeneous phaseAdhikari, JaydeepDas, Debasis
27-Jul-2017Transition and Post-transition metal complexes of varying Nuclearity with some designed ligands having N O or S donor sites - Syntheses characterization and reactivities studyChakraborty, PrateetiDas, Debasis