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11-Sep-2019Acinetobacter spp mediated synthesis of metal nanoparticles and their applications in biotechnologySingh, RichaChopade, B A
29-Mar-2017Characterization_ bioemulsifier production_ effect of preservatives and radiation and some properties of acinetobacter isolated from marine shrimpsBari, Mahmoud RezazadehChopade, B A
12-May-2017Role of plasmids in spread of antibiotic resistance by Acinetobacter genospecies isolated from healthy human skin and clinical specimensPardesi, Karishma RChopade, B A
29-May-2017Structural and toxicological studies of transition metal complexes of biologically relevant ligandsKumbhar, AvinashChopade, B A
16-Feb-2017Studies on biosurfactant_ bioemulsifier by acinetobacter genospecies and brevibacterium halotolerans isolated from marine environmentsBhuyan, Smita SChopade, B A
9-Mar-2017Studies on isolation distribution biotyping characterization production of antibiotic bioemulsifier and plasmid pUPI 126 encoded indole acetic acid _IAA_ production and its role in plant growth promotion by Acinetobacter species from rhizosphere of wheatMujumdar, Shilpa S.Chopade, B A
6-Mar-2017Studies on isolation_ biochemical and physiological characteristics_ antibiotic and bioemulsifier production and plasmid genetics of marine acinetobacterShete, AshviniChopade, B A
16-Feb-2017Studies on nitrogen fixation_ biosynthesis of indole acetic acid_ phosphate solubilization_ effect of bioinoculum on plant growth promotion and biocontrol and bioemulsifier production in Acinetobacter species isolated from rhizosphere of wheatBhawsar-Jejurkar, Bharti Devdatta and Bhawsar, Sonali DevdattaChopade, B A
22-May-2017Studies on occurrence distribution characterization biotyping response to food preservatives and gamma radiation bioemulsifier production and molecular genetics of Acinetobacter genospecies isolated from meatSaha, Sahadev ChandraChopade, B A
9-Mar-2017Studies on rhizosphere competence of Acinetobacter spp isolated from rhizosphere of wheatPatil, Suresha DevidasChopade, B A
8-Sep-2011Study on Shigella virulence genes and development of molecular diagnostic toolsHosseini, AshrafKhandekar, P S; Chopade, B A