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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
10-Aug-2015Biochemical and physiological studies on cotton plantJasdanwala,Rubab TChinoy,J J
11-Aug-2015Biochemical parameters in productivity of plantsBhatt,Krishna CChinoy,J J
2-Sep-2015A comparative study of drought and salt resistance in some varieties of barleyJohn,DChinoy,J J
18-Aug-2015A contribution to the morphological and embryological studies in oleaceaePatel,Nathubhai KanjibhaiChinoy,J J
25-Aug-2015A contribution to the morphological and emeryological studies in oleacearPatel,Nathubhai KanjibhaiChinoy,J J
25-Aug-2015Effect of continuous water stress and periodic wilting on growth metabolism and yield of some indian and exotic varieties of barleyVyas,Alaknanda VChinoy,J J
13-Aug-2015Effect of drougt and pretreatment on growth metabolism and yield of barley grown under two photoperiodsSundar Raj,K PChinoy,J J
10-Aug-2015Effect of pretreatment of seed with growth regulators on growth development metabolism and yield of some crop plantsJani,Dinesh JChinoy,J J
17-Aug-2015Effect of pretreatment with growth regulators and retardants on mobilization of lipids during germination and the role of ascorbic acid metabolism in growth and development of arachis hypogaea LMehta,P MChinoy,J J
10-Aug-2015Effect of temperature and pretreatment with ascorbic acid H2O2 of cumin seeds on its growth and metabolismPatel,Jorabhai NChinoy,J J
13-Aug-2015The effect of thermal treatment of seeds on ascorbic acid nucleic acid protein metabolism of some crop plants soybean and wheatShah,Harshika KChinoy,J J
10-Aug-2015Inductive effects of seed hormonization as well as of vernalization upon ascorbic acid metabolism growth and development of some crop plantsPatel,Hemalata DChinoy,J J
10-Aug-2015Influence of desiccation on seed germination and drought resistance of some crop plantsJani,B MChinoy,J J
11-Aug-2015A morpho physiological study of the shoot apex and its relationship with growth and development of barleyMansuri,A DChinoy,J J
11-Aug-2015Morphophysiological studies during the vegetative and reproductive differentiation in wheatShah,Harshad OChinoy,J J
10-Aug-2015Paramagnetic behaviour and metabolic events during the wilting treatment of cicer arietinumJaikaria,Y DChinoy,J J
10-Aug-2015The photoperiodic response of indeterminate plant cicer arietinum Cv chafa with reference to metabolic rhythms floweringJani,Minaxi DChinoy,J J
11-Aug-2015Physiology of dwarfism in plantsVaishnav,Pankaj PChinoy,J J
13-Aug-2015Physiology of growth and development in crop plants I effect of photoperiod on some enzyme systems in relation to the sulfhydryl contentShah,Paula NChinoy,J J
10-Aug-2015Physiology of growth and development in crop plants III ascorbic acid and nucleic acid metabolism in sesamum under different photoperiodsGhesani,Parin IChinoy,J J