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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
13-May-2014Designed peptides for targeted structure and functionRai, JagdishSahal, Dinkar; Chauhan, V S
29-Oct-2021Ethnobotany of Some Plants with Special Reference to Various Tribes of Singrauli RegionUpadhyay, RaviChauhan, V S
10-Jan-2018Host immune response to the recombinant protein and synthetic peptides of Plasmodium Falciparum histidine rich protein II and erythrocyte membrane protein 1Das, PadmalayaChauhan, V S
21-Aug-2014Identification and characterization of the merozoite surface protein 9 from rodent malaria parasites and comparative analysis with their plasmodium falciparum homologMesa, Tatiana Maria LoperaChauhan, V S
16-Jan-2014Immunogenicity and protective efficacy of various vaccines constructs encoding either sporozoite or blood stage antigens of plasmodiumHora, BhavnaChauhan, V S; Malhotra, Pawan
13-May-2014Isolation and characterization of subunits of replication protein A (RPA) and elucidation of their functional roles in geminiviral replicationSingh, Dharmendra KumarChoudhury, Nirupam Roy; Chauhan, V S
15-May-2014Mechanism of transcriptional regulation of CD80 gene in B lymphocytesSharma, ManishRao, Kanury V S; Chauhan, V S
13-May-2014Mechanisms deregulating the cell cycle at G1/S phase by Hepatitis B virus X (HBx) protein and genotoxic agentsMukherji, AtishKumar, Vijay; Chauhan, V S
9-Dec-2013Microsatellite enriched genomic library construction, isolation and characterization of microsatellite DNA markets in Chitala chitala for population genetics studiesGupta, Hari ShankarChauhan, V S; Puniya, Peyush
17-Jan-2014Molecular characterization of cysteine proteases of P. falciparum and P. berghei using RNA interferenceDasaradhi, P V NMalhotra, Pawan; Chauhan, V S
9-Dec-2013Molecular genetic analysis of southern goat breeds of IndiaGour, Digpal SinghBisen, P S; Dinesh Kumar; Chauhan, V S
7-Feb-2014Protein trafficking machinery in the malaria parasite: molecular characterization of plasmodiumfalciparum homologues of P24 protein and computational analyses of P. falciparum P-Ioop NTPasesGangwar, DeeptiChauhan, V S; Asif Mohmmed
6-Feb-2014Studies on pseudomonas app isolated from maunath bhajan area for plant growth promoting substancesSingh, Bheem PratapChauhan, V S; Arora, Dilip K
9-Sep-2013A study on the role of cyclooxygenase-2 healing of gastric ulcer in rodentsDharmani, PoonamChauhan, V S
5-Feb-2014Tumor control by manipulation of the humen anti apoptotic survivin geneZakir KhanBisen, P S; Sah, N K; Chauhan, V S