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25-Jan-2017A study in kinetics of grafting_ functionalization and characterization of graft copolymers of vinyl monomers onto cellulose extracted from pine needlesDhiman, Surya KChauhan, Ghanshyam S
25-Jan-2017A study of the graft copolymerization of acrylic acid and acrylamide and their binary mixtures with some other vinyl monomers onto cellulose and its derivativesLal, HarinderChauhan, Ghanshyam S
25-Jan-2017Evaluation of pectin and vinyl imidazole_based poly_ionic liquids_ as lipase inhibitorsAmit KumarChauhan, Ghanshyam S
24-Nov-2016Functional modification of dextran and some other polysaccharides for specialty applicationsThakur, ShiwaliChauhan, Ghanshyam S
27-Jan-2017Functionalization of isotactic polypropylene and muslin by graft copolymerization of vinyl monomers and polymer analogous reactions for use in specialty applicationsKumar, SunilChauhan, Ghanshyam S
25-Nov-2016Gelatin_based hydrogels for metal ions recovery and enzyme immobilizationManju KumariChauhan, Ghanshyam S
27-Jan-2017Gelatin_based new hybrid materials for specialty applicationsThakur, Samjeet SinghChauhan, Ghanshyam S
25-Jan-2017Graft copolymerization of some methacrylates and their binary mixtures with other vinyl monomers onto celluloseSharma, Rajeev KumarChauhan, Ghanshyam S
25-Jan-2017Graft copolymerization of styrene and its binary mixture with methacrylic acid_ maleic anhydride and acrylonitrile onto cellulose extracted from pine needlesGuleria, Lalit KumarChauhan, Ghanshyam S
25-Jan-2017Hydrophobic modification of acrylamide by network formation for some specialty applicationsSen, UshaChauhan, Ghanshyam S
25-Jan-2017Methacrylic acid_based functional nanogels as supports for enzyme immobilization and drug delivery devicesLok RajChauhan, Ghanshyam S
25-Jan-2017Modification of acrylic acid and methacrylic acid via amidation and network formation for stimuli responsive hydrogels for specialty applicationsChauhan, SandeepChauhan, Ghanshyam S
27-Jan-2017Modification of pectin via network formation for site specific drug delivery and arsenic remediationRavi KumarChauhan, Ghanshyam S
25-Jan-2017Novel polymer_supported proline based organocatalysts for use in aldol and Mannich reactionsGarg, DiptiChauhan, Ghanshyam S
25-Jan-2017Preparation and performance evaluation of carboxymethylated starch and guar gum based flocculents and metal ionssorbentsVerma, MonikaChauhan, Ghanshyam S
25-Jan-2017Preparation of novel poly_ionic liquids_ for use as extractantsSunil KumarChauhan, Ghanshyam S
25-Jan-2017Renewable resource based polymeric supports as metal ions sorbentsAnita KumariChauhan, Ghanshyam S
25-Jan-2017Synthesis and characterization of natural polymer based novel hydrogelsSharma, RakeshChauhan, Ghanshyam S
24-Nov-2016Synthesis and characterization of new Polyacrylic acid based functional nanogels as supports for enzyme immobilizationDharela, RohiniChauhan, Ghanshyam S
25-Jan-2017Synthesis of novel vinyl imidazole based ionic liquids and their polymers for use as catalysts and extractantsGodawariChauhan, Ghanshyam S