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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
28-Jul-2017A choice of a good predictor of cardio respiratory fitness of normal untrained healthy young men and womenMahapatra, SusmitaChatterjee, Pratima
27-Jul-2017Comparative study of recovery cardiac cost by three ergometer of sedentary FemalesMukherjee, DebaratiChatterjee, Pratima
16-Jun-2017Effect of vitamin E supplementation on cardio respiratory responses to exercise of female athletes during different phases of menstrual cycleMaitra, SubhalakshmiChatterjee, Pratima
10-Jul-2017Effect of work by treadmill on Rat ovary and adrenalsChandra, Ananga MohanChatterjee, Pratima
28-Jul-2017Electrocardiographic and allied studies on normal children before and after exercise testPal, PrajnamitaChatterjee, Pratima
15-Jun-2017Female work capacity during the menstrual cycle physiological and hormonal responsesSarkar, SamarpitaChatterjee, Pratima
10-Jul-2017Impact of physical exercise on certain aspects of metabolism in diabetic menGangopadhyay, RamjyotiChatterjee, Pratima
28-Jul-2017Impact of physical exercise on certain aspects of protein metabolism and blood lactic acid concentration in athletic and non athletic womenMasanta, Nimai ChandChatterjee, Pratima
12-Oct-2011Impact of sports activities on school going boys with special reference to their nutritional and health status under different environmental conditionsDas, PaulomiDebnath, Parimal; Chatterjee, Pratima
28-Jul-2017Impact on antioxidants on lipid profile and indexes of oxidative stress on exercising femalesBagchi, AnandiChatterjee, Pratima
28-Jul-2017Influence of vitamin E supplementation on female performance capacity and other allied physiological changesChattopadhyay, AnanyaChatterjee, Pratima
16-Jun-2017Iron status and physical performance capacity of female athletesBasu, SomaChatterjee, Pratima
11-Oct-2017Man machine compatibility in a leather industry an ergonomic approachGhoshthakur, DebdutChatterjee, Pratima
28-Jul-2017Organic calcium channel blockers on reflex contraction of skeletal muscle an experimental studyPal, GautamChatterjee, Pratima
14-Jun-2017Oxidative stress and enzymatic anti oxidant defense systems with special reference to vitamin E supplementation in exercising femalesBera, ChandanaChatterjee, Pratima
19-Jun-2017Physiological adaptation of female sports persons in arid and aquatic environmental mediaKar, RadhaChatterjee, Pratima
24-Jul-2017Renal function and index of acid base balance during exercise with special reference to proteinuriasDatta, SarbaniChatterjee, Pratima
21-Jun-2017Role of B vitamins thiamine riboflavin and pyridoxine on exercise performances of female athletesDas, SumitaChatterjee, Pratima
24-Jul-2017Role of vitamin E as an antioxidant in physiological function and female athletic performancesBagri, MadhabiChatterjee, Pratima
12-Jul-2017Some aspects of biochemical and physiological studies on male students exposed to graded exercise following carbohydrate ingestionSarkar, DipaChatterjee, Pratima