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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
20-Jun-2017A study of some fixed point theoremsSarkar, Asit KumarChatterjea, S K
20-Jun-2017A study of some properties of special functionsPain, AsutoshChatterjea, S K
21-Jun-2017Group theoretic study of some problems of special functionsChongdar, Asit KumarChatterjea, S K
28-Jul-2017On generating functions for certain special functions and their applicationsSultan, Taha Ibrahim MohamedChatterjea, S K
28-Jul-2017Some fixed point theorems connected with the results of banach and brouwerBayen, Dilip KumarChatterjea, S K
20-Jun-2017Some problems associated with special functionsDas, Mrinal KantiChatterjea, S K
10-Jul-2017Some problems connected with contraction type mappingsGhosh, Kisori MohanChatterjea, S K
12-Jul-2017Some problems connected with special functionsMandal, Asim KumarChatterjea, S K
10-Jul-2017Some problems of fixed point theoremsMajumdar, KananChatterjea, S K
28-Jul-2017Some problems of special functions from classical and groups theoretic points of viewBasu, Dipak KumarChatterjea, S K
21-Jun-2017Some problems of the theory of convexity and their applicationsChattopadhyay, Dipak KumarChatterjea, S K
28-Jul-2017Some problems on special functionsBarik, NanigopalChatterjea, S K
21-Jun-2017Some problems on the theory of special functionsBandyopadhyay, TulsidasChatterjea, S K
28-Jul-2017Some subclasses of univalent functionsAdhikari, Abir KumarChatterjea, S K
21-Jun-2017Thesis on some generating functions for classical orthogonal polynomials and their generalizationsSaha, Bibhuti BhusanChatterjea, S K