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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
21-Apr-2016A Critical study of the BrhaddevataChand, SubhashGopal, Ram
28-Aug-2018An Analytical Study of Transit from print to e print information resources and their use in library services in state university libraries of HaryanaChand, SubhashSharma, Hemant
11-Nov-2016An appraisal of personnel policies and practices in state level developmental financial institutions of Himachal PradeshChand, SubhashPathania, Kulwant
15-Nov-2016Growth and potential of Tourism industry in Himachal PradeshChand, SubhashGupta, Des Raj
22-Jan-2020Managerial efficiency and profitability evaluation of public sector banks in post reform eraSingh, SatbirChand, Subhash
4-Jan-2018Negotiating cultural diversities The spatio temporal dialogics of Amitav GhoshChand, SubhashYadav, Bir Singh
2-Feb-2017Rigved ke dvevatav mandal ka rishi devata tatha chhand ki drishti se vivechanatamak adhyyan : ऋगवेद के द्रितीय मण्डल का ऋषि, देवता तथा छन्द कि द्रष्टि से विवेचनात्मक अध्यनChand, SubhashUpadhyay, Ved Prakash
4-Nov-2019Semiconducting Binary and Alloyed Silver Chalcogenide Quantum Dots structural morphological and optical band gap tuningChand, SubhashSharma, Pankaj
16-Apr-2019Social discrimination spatial patterns of differentials of characteristics of scheduled caste and non scheduled caste population in Uttar PradeshChand, SubhashKulshrestha, S C
21-Apr-2016Studies on the nature of phase transition in substances adsorbed on porous and non porous adsorbentsChand, SubhashLakhanpal, M L
16-Dec-2014Syntheesis characterization of some new ion exchangers and thier applicationsTeenaChand, Subhash
14-Oct-2016Synthesis and optical properties of mixed metal oxidesChand, SubhashSingh, Ishwar
16-Feb-2015Synthesis characterization of some new cation exchangers and their role in pollution controlChanra, Vijay ChahalChand, Subhash
27-Aug-2020Virendra Jain ke upnyaas _Tube_ mein aanchlikthaChand, SubhashNaveen, Bhagwan Das Kiradu