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30-Jan-2017Low temperature calorimetric studies of some transition matal perovskitesDas, Deena CBiswas, A B
24-Jul-2017Low temperature calorimetric studies of some transition metal perovskitesDas, C DeenaBiswas, A B
28-Sep-2017Oxidation of some metalsHapase, Mohan GangaramBiswas, A B
18-May-2017Photoconducting properties of thin films of lead sulfideMarathe, Surendranath GaneshBiswas, A B
16-Jun-2017Physico_chemical properties of N_long chain alcohols and alkoxy ethanolsKuchhal, Yogesh KumarBiswas, A B
29-May-2017Physico_chemical studies on the thermal degradation of rubber in solutionSarfare, Prabhakar ShankarBiswas, A B
13-Apr-2017Solution properties of polymethyl methacrylatesJose, Chalakkal IyyunniBiswas, A B
31-Jan-2017Structural and catalytic hydrogenation properties of some mixed metal systemChavan, Ananth MathajiraoBiswas, A B
31-Jan-2017Structural and dielectric properties of BaTio3 type perovskites and related materialsChincholkar, Vyankatesh SadasheoBiswas, A B
26-Sep-2017Structural transformations in spinelsIrani, K SBiswas, A B
7-Jun-2016Studies of physical properties of monomolecular films on water surfacePatil, Gopal VenkatraoBiswas, A B
22-Sep-2017Studies on electrical and magnetic properties of spinel like compoundsSabane, Chandrakant DattatrayaBiswas, A B
9-Mar-2017Studies on the physico_chemical properties of supercooled liquidsBadachhape, Ramachandra BrijlalBiswas, A B
17-Apr-2017Studies on the preparation of active solids by thermal decompositionSubba Rao, V VBiswas, A B
20-Jun-2017Studies on the role of hydrofuramide on vulcanization of natural rubberBandyopadhyay, BiswanathBiswas, A B
12-Apr-2017The crystal and molecular structure studies by X_ray diffractionJain, ChandBiswas, A B
13-Jun-2017The crystal and molecular structure studies of sodium salts of some alpha_keto acids by x_ray diffractionTavale, Sudam ShankarBiswas, A B
26-May-2017Thermal studies of transition metal chalcogenidesSankar, S GBiswas, A B
12-Apr-2017Thermochemical aspects of addition polymerization and copolymerizationJoshi, Ramachandra MahadevBiswas, A B
31-Jan-2017Ultrasonic degradation of macromolecules in solutionChandra, SarswatiBiswas, A B